Producer and DJ REZZ Dishes on Her New Halloween-Inspired Mixtape, Nightmare on Rezz St. 2

If you're familiar with Canadian producer and DJ REZZ, you know that spooky season is the perfect time to listen to her horror-fueled dance-rock beats.

The artist, who's played at all of the world's biggest festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza, is known for her bold stage presence and the wonderfully creepy quality to her music, and today, she dropped the second edition of her signature Nightmare on Rezz St. mix. Halloween has always been one of REZZ's favorite times of the year, for obvious reasons, and the new 30-minute mix of unreleased music is just the thing for the haunting holiday weekend ahead. We just had to learn more, and we got the chance to chat with REZZ all about the new Nightmare on Rezz St. 2 and what Halloween means to her.

Sweety High: What does the name Nightmare on Rezz St. mean to you, and why did it feel just right for this collection of tracks?

REZZ: There was this one Halloween where I dressed up as Freddy Krueger, and fans then called me "Rezzy Krueger," which then inspired me to title it Nightmare on Rezz St, It felt right immediately because it is very relevant to Halloween time!

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SH: Was there a certain vibe you were going for with this project? What does it mean to you to have these unreleased songs out in the world?

REZZ: The vibe I was going for was to just make whatever I wanted without any expectation. It's exciting to have these songs released cuz I know that fans are always curious about what music their fave artists have made but didn't plan to release.


SH: Do you have a favorite track in the collection?

REZZ: Probably the first track.


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SH: Do you feel your music has shifted thematically over time? How do these new songs represent where you are at this moment in time?

REZZ: Thematically, I don't think my music has shifted. It's always been dark and creepy, and still is and always will be. Some of the songs in the mix are new, and some are old! Some are from five years ago, so I wouldn't say this mix represents me, but rather it represents a collection of songs I've made over time that I wouldn't have otherwise put out—but they mean a lot to me because creating music is fun as s*** and I'd rather people hear what I made as opposed to it rotting on my computer.


SH: Was Halloween a major influence on this mix?

REZZ: Yes! it gives me an excuse to put out a bunch of random creepy tunes.

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