Fashion Nova's NovaBEAUTY Is Finally Here!

Today marks the official launch day for NovaBEAUTY!

If you're a fan of Fashion Nova, we're willing to bet you're going to love what NovaBEAUTY has to offer. The brand's array in the world of makeup is full of tons of lip products perfect for mixing and matching. Interested in finding out more? Continue below for everything you need to know about NovaBEAUTY's new lip collection.

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Perfect Pout Lipstick: $12

NovaBEAUTY's Perfect Pout Lipstick sells for $12 and comes in 26 stunning shades. Out of the 26 shades are three different finishes including moisturizing matte, luminous cream and shimmering cream. Complete with a magnetic closure for the cap, these truly beautiful lipsticks are compact in size and perfect to throw in your bag. The formula itself is crafted with incredible ingredients like sunflower seed oil and vitamin E. With these lipsticks, you can find colors ranging from pink to red, nude, purple, orange and more.

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2-in-1 Snatched Lip Liner: $10

The 2-in-1 Snatched Lip Liner sells for $10 and comes in 10 darling shades. From brown to coral, magenta, nude and more, there's a shade in there for everyone. Perhaps the most innovative part of the lip liners is the design itself! The liner is shaped in a diamond tip with a screw top, meaning you never need to sharpen them. Additionally, on the other side of the lip liner is an oval precision brush. This is great for things like blending and smoothing to give your lips that beautiful air-brushed look.

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Moisturizing Rich Glow Lip Gloss: $12

The Moisturizing Rich Glow Lip Gloss sells for $12 and comes in 12 luminous shades. Most people want a non-sticky, moisturizing sort of lip gloss, and that's exactly what NovaBEAUTY has managed to do here. Thanks to good-for-you ingredients like peptides, jojoba oil and vitamin E, these long-wearing lip glosses will leave you with a high shine and the perfect pout. Full of pinks, reds, nudes and even a clear hue, you'll fall in love with these glosses at first wear.

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