NuMe's Signature Hair Dryer Made Me NOT Hate Drying My Hair

Until April of this year, I didn't own a blow dryer.

You'd think that living in the chilly, wet Pacific Northwest would mean I'd want to keep my hair dry and warm at all times, but I have very long hair, and very short patience, and I'd never found the process worth my time. Air drying was just more convenient, even if it does take forever and leave me cold, and it doesn't damage my hair, like many blow dryers have in the past.

But when my husband hinted that he needed a blow dryer, I figured it would be time to invest in one. Not long after, I got an email from the team at NuMe about their Signature Hair Dryer, and with its reduced dry time and protective qualities, it sounded perfect. After trying it out myself for this review, I got hooked—and guess who dries their hair now? Read my full review of the dryer below.

The Hair Dryer

NuMe's Signature Hair Dryer looks simple, but within its sleek design—available in matte black, turquoise or (currently sold out) pink—it has all kinds of unique functionality that make it different from your average hair dryer. With its ceramic grill, it conducts far-infrared heat and negative ions, leading to easier and healthier blowouts in a fraction of the time.

With negative ion conditioning, it breaks up water droplets into smaller particles, making them dry faster—and a shorter drying time also means less damage. According to the brand, this process also seals the hair's cuticle, maintaining hydration even as it dries, and improving smoothness and shine. Far-infrared heat also moves directly into the hair follicle in a gentler process that protects hair over time.

The dryer has three hot temperature settings and two speed settings, plus a cool shot button, which sets blowouts with cool hair, helping it to retain its shape. It's designed for all hair types, and only weighs 1.25 lbs., making it easy to operate. It typically retails for $169, but you can currently buy it from the NuMe website for $139.


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The Experience

One I received my NuMe Signature Hair Dryer I was immediately curious about it, and I decided to use it at the earliest opportunity—after my next morning shower. Once I got out of the shower, I removed as much of the excess water from my freshly shampooed and conditioned hair with a towel, and then unboxed my dryer and plugged it in.

The dryer came with two concentrators, which are basically pieces of plastic that easily pop onto the drying end of the dryer to control the air flow and channel it more directly, and I picked the narrower one to dry my hair with. Immediately, it felt light and easy to hold and maneuver.

NuMe Signature Hair dryer  with concentrators

(via NuMe)

First, I played around with the speed settings. The lower setting was a little mellow for me—after all, I wanted quick results—so I turned it up to the higher speed, which was fast without blowing too strong, and also didn't make a ton of obnoxious noise, which was a big plus.

I started with the lowest heat setting. I'm a little bit out of practice with drying my hair, but I eventually fell into a rhythm, using a wet brush to focus on certain sections at a time, straightening and drying at once as I pulled the brush from my roots down to the tips of my hair. It wasn't long before I turned it up to the highest heat setting—again, wanting it to dry fast—and with both settings at their highest, I was shocked at how fast the process went compared to my experiences in the past.

It didn't take long at all for each area of my hair to feel warm and dry, but also silky soft. Other dryers have managed to make my hair feel frizzy or fried, with temperatures so hot they burn my scalp even though my hair isn't drying. NuMe's Signature Hair Dryer is the opposite. It was so gentle, despite its speed, and definitely felt warm, but never so hot it was uncomfortable. The result is that my straight hair looks even straighter, without looking lifeless. I've also loved finishing off the process with the cool shot button to keep it that straight for even longer.

NuMe Signature Hair dryer side angle

(via NuMe)


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Bottom Line

If you're like me and dislike drying your hair because of the time investment and hair damage, Nume's Signature Hair Dryer is an incredible option. Yes, it's more than $100, which won't be in everyone's budget, but it's fully worth the investment if you're serious about your hair.

My husband just as much a fan as I am of how fast and painless the hair drying process becomes with this dryer, and the fact that the cord is over eight feet also means you're not tied to one spot while using it. I think we're both surprised, though, that I've now used the dryer more times than he has, and while I definitely don't dry my hair every day, it's become a much more regular part of my routine, and I'm never going back to cheap, slow and too-hot dryers that make my hair worse off.

NuMe Signature Hair dryer and box

(via NuMe)


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