How One Purchase Changed the Way I Feel About Urban Outfitters

If you rummage through my closet, you'll see a lot of color—a lot of bright flowers, a lot of patterns, a lot of rompers, a lot of dresses—a lot of purchases made at Urban Outfitters.


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)

The clothing and accessory retailer has been a staple for me (and almost everyone I know) for years, and no matter the age or style of its potential shopper, they seem to have something for everyone.

That said, I never really put much stock into my trips to their stores. It's always been a quick moment of, Oh, I need something for Saturday. I'll just go to Urban Outfitters. Of course, I'd be excited every time I went. I could always depend on the store having a plethora of colorful items, knick-knacks, inexpensive sunnies and, basically, heaps of goodies to browse through for any given occasion. But once I made my purchases and headed out of the store, that was it—and I'd be on to do whatever else I'd planned to do that day.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to truly feel and express my love for this store. (I mean, how could anyone not love Urban Outfitters?) But, on this most recent Cyber Monday, my affinity for the store switched to full-on infatuation.

My friend and I were joking around on the phone about the coveted day of deals, and how we knew nothing about any of the sales roaming the web. As we started talking about it more, I got to thinking: Maybe I should dig around for deals? Is there anything I truly need?

I began to ask around, just for fun, to see if anyone knew of any sites I should visit for stellar deals. Someone mentioned Urban Outfitters. I downloaded their app and stumbled upon their Apartment section. Then it dawned on me: Not only did I need a new, affordable comforter, but my co-worker, Ashley, had recently written a post, highlighting the amazingness of Urban Outfitter's home decor. Bottom line: I was intrigued!

Before I knew it, I'd filled my virtual cart with a peach cotton comforter, a set of matching pillowcases, a grey/blue reversible colorblock rug, a triangle metal banner and a gold shapes hanging wall adornment.

Okay, real talk: This was much less of a Cyber Monday steal (I only got $50 off my total purchase) and much more of a hopeful room renovation. $287 later (okay, not bad for five items), I was about to find out!

Welp, the items exceeded my expectations. My insanely cozy comforter has completely lit up my otherwise stark white room, the blue rug is way bigger than I expected (for that price!), and totally adds a perfect pop of color to my living room, and the wall fixtures are dainty little touches that I love to look at whenever I enter my apartment.

But, let's go back. Before my online-order items had even arrived, my  fondness for Urban Outfitters compelled me to visit the location at the Natick Mall in Massachusetts (love that mall), since I was in town. While there, I stocked up on a few of their artist print candles. When I returned to Los Angeles and opened them up, I wasn't sure if they'd actually smell once they were lit (so many brands don't)—but, to my surprise, they filled my room with a beautiful aroma.

Just a week prior, I remember sitting on my bed, browsing the web on my iPhone, not paying much attention to what was around me—but now, everything's been transformed. There are vibrant pops of color, thanks to my Cyber Monday purchase, and a refreshing scent fills the air, courtesy of my new candles. And, it was the moment I lit those candles for the first time that it dawned on me: Urban Outfitters is my favorite store—ever!

Yes, this is a bold statement to make. I have lived long enough to really pick and choose a solid fave, but, what I've come to realize is, Urban Outfitters really has everything and the merchandise is quality stuff.

UO isn't what I would call cheap (although, they do have a killer sales section), but what they do carry is fairly affordable. They seriously carry everything, and it's always so cute and on-trend. How do they do it better than anyone else?

This probably sounds like an ad, but, rest assured, it isn't. It's just a love letter to the dopest place around.


Urban Outfitters' stores seems to carry everything, but I have yet to see pre-glued nails, like THESE Kylie Jenner-level nails I tried wearing for a day!