Omnom Chocolate's Valentine's Day 'Love Collection' Is the Ultimate Pairing

Since being introduced to the Icelandic chocolate company Omnom, it's quickly become one of my favorite chocolate brands.

Not only are their bars made with the highest-quality ethically sourced ingredients, but their flavors are truly out of this world. Their Halloween and Winter collections included burnt barley, coffee, orange-spiced white chocolate and more, so when the folks behind Omnom reached out and asked if I'd like to sample their new Valentine's Day Love Collection, I couldn't resist.

The Collection

Omnom is all about the quality, from everything they put into their uniquely flavored chocolates to the packaging containing them. They purchase their chocolate beans directly from farmers in Madagascar, Nicaragua and Tanzania, and use organic sugar cane and Icelandic milk powder to enhance the beautiful natural flavor of their chocolate.

Their new Love Collection, made just in time for Valentine's Day 2021, is the latest holiday bundle from Omnom, packaging up two unusual and contrasting bars in an elegant origami swan box that screams romance. Omnom Chocolate Love Collection Boxes

(via Omnom Chocolate)

The flavors, wrapped up in their own swan and heart packaging, are Sea Salted Toffee and Lakkrís + Raspberry. The set sells for $18.99, but the bars are also available separately for $8.99 each.

Omnom Chocolate Love Collection Bars

(via Omnom Chocolate)


The Bars

Sea Salted Toffee

Many of Omnom's most fascinating flavors have a white chocolate base, rather than dark, and this Sea Salted Toffee bar is no exception. It has a light caramel color with a nutty toffee flavor throughout. It's also immediately salty to the taste thanks to crunchy pieces of Icelandic sea salt, and it's so richly satisfying you'll only need to break off a little piece to placate your wildest cravings.

Omnom Chocolate Sea Salted Toffee

(via Omnom Chocolate)


Lakkrís + Raspberry

Lakkrís is Icelandic for licorice, but even if you can't stand the taste of black licorice, you may find yourself falling for this truly unusual chocolate bar. It also has a white chocolate base, but this one is flavored with licorice powder and salmiak salty licorice to infuse it with a flavor that's warm, sour and herbal all at once. It's the complexity that truly makes that flavor work, and it's enhanced further by the soft bits of raspberry embedded in the bar, offering a tart contrast. While it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, if you like it, I can bet you that you'll love it.

Omnom Chocolate Lakkris Raspberry bar

(via Omnom Chocolate)


Bottom Line

If you're not very experimental when it comes to your chocolate, then Omnom probably isn't the brand for you. However, if you're up for anything, and unafraid of the unfamiliar, it's a must-try brand. Every flavor they offer defies expectations and teases the taste buds in a way you likely haven't experienced before, making each new bar a little adventure.

This combination of bars in particular, offering both sour and salty flavors, provides all kinds of fabulous contrast, even if the bars don't have universally loved flavors. At almost $19 for the set, they're definitely a luxury chocolate item, but courageous tasters won't regret it.


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