Pabllo Vittar Tells Us All About Performing at Coachella in 2022

Pabllo Vittar absolutely killed it at weekend one of Coachella, and we're sure she's going to do even better the second weekend.

The Brazillian superstar is known for her talents of being a drag queen and singer, and once she takes the stage, it's clear why she has such a massive fan base. We had the chance to sit down with Pabllo after she performed at Coachella, and she gave us the inside scoop in the below interview!

Sweety High: What makes performing at Coachella different from any other festival?

Pabllo Vittar: It's hard to explain! The vibe of the festival is something that I love so much and being there with my own show for the first time is just incredible.


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SH: What song was the most fun to play?

PV: "Follow Me" for sure! That's my new single and having Rina performing with me for the first time was amazing. I love being able to hear my English-speaking fans sing with me!


SH: What is your favorite memory or experience from performing at Coachella?

PV: The crowd! They were amazing! Jumping up and down, singing all the songs with me!


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SH: Who was your personal favorite performer at Coachella?

PV: I loved Megan Thee Stallion and Anitta! I couldn't watch that many shows, unfortunately, because I was getting ready for mine, but these girls were fire!


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