Parisienne et Alors Founder Laury Thilleman Shares Her Iconic Style

There's something so classic and timeless about French girls and their style, so it's no wonder we're absolutely obsessed with Laury Thilleman.

She's the founder of the French fashion brand Parisienne et Alors, and it's the brand to look to for all things Parisian-inspired. We wanted to learn more about the brand and Laury's personal style, and she was kind enough to spill the tea! Keep scrolling for some fun facts about Laury Thilleman and her fashion label Parisienne et Alors.

Name: Laury Thilleman

IG Handle: @laurythilleman

Hometown: Paris

Zodiac signLeo

Fun Facts

1. Laury founded Parisienne et Alors four years ago and comes out with a new collection every two months.

2. Inès de la Fressange gave her the best advice:

"Better to be under-dressed than overdressed."

-Inès de la Fressange


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3. All Parisienne et Alors pieces are made in France by French artisans.

4. Laury's go-to look when she's in a rush is jeans with a white shirt and baseball cap.

5. Jacquemus is a big inspiration to her:

"Everything inspires me from my walk to the flea market during the weekend to my travels all around the world.  Jacquemus is the designer who inspires me the most. I admire our French couturiers working in our workshop in Paris with so much passion."

-Laury Thilleman


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6. Laury aims to make all details in her everyday life sustainable.

7. Her favorite piece in her closet is the PERRAULT (€120) fleece jacket because it's oversized and can be worn over everything.

8. On being a fashion icon:

"You can be a fashion icon and wear shoes in size 11 with no complex."

-Laury Thilleman

9. She's loving the long backless dress PLUMET (€140) from her brand.

(via Parisienne et Alors)

10. Parisienne et Alors is a big supporter of the French textile industry:

"We manufacture in our Parisian workshops to support the French textile industry and contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint. We have a social responsibility, and we have chosen to work with French artisans in order to perpetuate the know-how of all these men and women with expert hands who make our collections every day. The carbon footprint is at the heart of our concerns, so importing was not an option and even less an obligation."

-Laury Thilleman


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11. Laury's goal with Parisienne et Alors is to provide people with responsible, eco-friendly and trendy pieces.

12. Her fave style trend at the moment is wearing a full-color look.


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