The Perfect Gifts for the Pisces in Your Life

We've just said goodbye to the enigmatic Aquarius season and welcomed in the season of its empathetic water sign sibling, Pisces.

Pisces, a mutable sign and the very last in the zodiac, is known for its dreamy, romantic nature—which couldn't be more perfect considering that its season begins Feb. 19—right when we're in the midst of enjoying our caches of clearance Valentine's candy. If you've got a Pisces close to you in your life that you're in need of buying a gift for, you don't need to swim through the sea of options alone. We've collected a few of our favorite gift ideas that are perfect for the Pisces you know, starting with:

This Gorgeous Gold-Detailed Mug: $21

If you're a bit of a lazy gift-giver who doesn't feel like boxing anything up, this gift has already gone ahead and done most of the hard work for you. Not only is it gorgeous with its gold details, but it also comes with a stirring spoon and is already in a box for you to quickly wrap or place in a gift bag.

Tilany Store Pisces Constellation Mug

(via Amazon)


This Mindful Planner to Improve Pisces Positivity: $30

If you're looking to get them a gift that doesn't technically scream "Pisces" all over while still speaking perfectly to their water sign nature, this planner is the gift to get. The Positive Planner (available on Uncommon Goods) is a thoughtfully crafted guide for gratitude, mindfulness and overall mental well-being—things that any Pisces could surely benefit from.

Uncommon Goods the positive planner

(via Uncommon Goods)


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A Tarot Card-Style Necklace: $17+

Pisces tend to be quite sentimental creatures, which is why small but meaningful gifts like jewelry tend to go over quite well. We picked this one from Etsy, which features a delicate chain (in your choice of length and color) and a bold design that will complement virtually any outfit.

Etsy zodiacminimalist tarot style pisces necklace

(via Etsy/ZodiacMinimalist)


This Customizable Top Water Bottle: $24

Could there be a better gift for a water sign symbolized by a fish than something that has to do with, well, water? We think not, especially when it comes in the form of this gorgeous insulated water bottle. Along with being made of durable stainless steel, this gift also comes with three different tops to suit the specific preferences of even the pickiest Pisces.

(via Amazon)


This Coziest of All Pillows: $38

Water signs tend to be lovers of all things cozy, and there are few gifts out there cozier than this one, the Cream Giving Heart Weighted Pillow from DEMDACO. This one can do more than just fill their heart with joy (pun intended), as the added 1.85 pounds is designed to replicate the feeling of a real hug. For that fact alone, we'd say this is the perfect pick especially for any long-distant Pisces bestie out there that you desperately wish you could hug whenever you want.

demdaco cream giving heart weighted pillow



This Celestial Style T-Shirt: $28+

If the last gift sounded a little too mushy to you, then you might be better off going with a timeless top like this one from Etsy. The design is one we could happily get lost in forever, and we love the extra personalization factor of the included dates for Pisces season. With a look and feel like this, it just might end up replacing their favorite worn-out band tee.

etsy jadeandroseshop pisces t shirt

(via Etsy/JadeAndRoseShop)


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This Specialized Self-Care Book: $7.69

If any sign you could use a little extra self-care, it's probably Pisces. As a mutable water sign, the fish of the zodiac tends to take on a lot of emotional turmoil and burden. That can get exhausting after a while, but this gift (which also happens to be the most affordable on this list) is designed to help. Packed with plenty of ideas perfectly curated just for Pisces, this self-care book makes for a great gift any time of the year.

the little book of self-care pisces

(via Amazon)


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