If You're a Total Perfectionist, There's No Doubt You'll Relate to These Struggles

Being a certified perfectionist is no easy feat.

Although being this way helps you accomplish many things with extreme precision and brilliance, it can really take a toll on you.

If this sounds just like you, scroll below and prepare to relate to both the good and bad that comes along with trying to make everything in your life picture perfect.

1. You're never satisfied. When trying to complete a school homework assignment or paper, you often have several drafts, and even your best version isn't what you want. To you, "good enough" is not an option.

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2. You overthink and over-complicate even the smallest of tasks—like crafting a text or picking out an outfit to wear for school in the morning. Being flawless is not simple.

3. You take pride in little things like making your bed, perfecting your winged eyeliner and keeping your life totally organized in your planner. Getting a task done right is oh so rewarding.

4. You overwork yourself. Sometimes you get so revved up about a project or task, that you keep working until you physically can't any longer. You often have to remind yourself to let loose and take a breather.

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5. Group projects at school totally stress you out. You usually end up claiming most of the work because you're not sure if you can trust others to complete the job up to your standards. Oops. ????

6. Procrastination is sometimes inevitable, but you absolutely hate when it happens. Perfection takes time, people!

7. With perfectionism, comes attention to detail. You get majorly bugged when people make careless mistakes or grammatical errors like using "you're" instead of "your" in a text. Grrr.

8. You are your own worst critic. When you don't feel like you've done your very best work, you're extremely hard on yourself. Take it easy, though. Your "less than perfect" work is still impeccable, guaranteed.

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9. Along the same lines, you don't take constructive criticism very well. You work your butt off to do great work, so whenever someone has something negative to say about it, you can't help but get a bit defensive. ????

10. You are results driven. You don't give up until you see that you have succeeded, and when you do, you feel like you are on top of the world. Best. Feeling. Ever.


If you truly are a perfectionist, chances are you're also a bit of a worrywart. If that's the case, head over HERE and prepare to relate to these struggles, too.