Phoneboy Tackle the Double-Edged Sword of Fame With Infectious New Single 'Ferrari'

As we move into 2023, there are few groups we're watching more closely than New Jersey indie rock trio Phoneboy.

The guys just announced their sophomore album Moving Out, dropping March 24, as well as a 29-date tour beginning March 24 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, before concluding April 29 in New York, New York, and their new single "Ferrari" is the cherry on top. The track has a playful edge as they sing about moving from the comfort of being kids with no responsibilities to the horrors of adulthood and the real world, especially when fame is thrown into the mix.

Singer-guitarists Wyn Barnum and Ricky Dana and bassist James Fusco infuse the track with irresistible pop-punk energy, providing us with the perfect chorus to scream along to, and we can't get enough. We also got the chance to chat with the band about the track and what it means to them, so check out the full interview below.

The Story Behind 'Ferrari'

Phoneboy: "Ferrari," like many of our other songs, began in our friend Jake's shed. We were thinking about how fame can be a double-edged sword, giving someone a lot of freedom but also a bunch of responsibilities and problems at the same time. Obviously, we're not at the point of being on Carpool Karaoke, but we certainly would love to party with all of our friends with no strings attached.

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What 'Ferrari' Means

Phoneboy: To us, "Ferrari" represents the lack of responsibility we had when we were teenagers, and how much we took that freedom for granted. We hope any kids that are transitioning into adulthood and feel like they're drowning can listen to this track and feel a little bit less alone.


On the Music Video

Phoneboy: The song being called "Ferrari," we knew we needed some stunt driving for sure. We also wanted to reference the freedom that we all felt as kids, being able to mess around with your friends and run away from your problems. As you get older, the problems might get bigger and harder to run away from, but we still keep trying.


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The Band's Favorite Lyric

James Fusco: My favorite lyric is "wasting my time." I feel like that's been an overwhelming feeling for a lot of people I know recently, especially for us. Sometimes, even when you know you're on the right track, you still have trouble letting yourself feel like you're accomplishing anything.

Wyn Barnum: My favorite line is, "All I ever wanted was to be a part in the TV show that you think you star in." You're not the main character.

Ricky Dana: "Burnout friends in an SUV." My parents would always (and still do) complain about how trashed my car is because I would always be driving my friends around town. Even though that hasn't changed in the slightest, it still reminds me of simpler times.

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