Pink Helmet Posse On Skateboarding and Girl Power!

The Pink Helmet Posse is one of the youngest skateboarding crews around, consists of skateboarding 6-year-old girls Sierra Kerr and Bella Kenwothy, and 7-year-old Relz Murphy!Pink Helmet Posse

They spoke with us recently about how they got into skating, and what girl power is really about!

All three girls got involved in skateboarding through their families when they were just 5 years old

"My dad always skated and would put me on the front of his skateboard," Sierra told us. "We would skate to the beach and to friend's houses."

Bella was inspired to skateboard by watching the fun her younger brother was having on his skateboard. Relz' whole family started skating together a couple years ago.

Traditionally, skateboarding has been seen as a "boys" sport. When we asked the girls why some people think skateboarding is just for boys, Relz asked, "They do?"

"That's what people are used to seeing," Bella said.

Sierra also commented that a lot of people see skateboarding as a sport where you can get hurt.

"I think you can get hurt in any sport," she said.

Now, the girls are excited to be a part of the Pink Helmet Posse, demonstrating that anyone can get on a skateboard and ride.

"I want girls to know that it is ok and fun to skateboard," Sierra said. "I think you can still wear pink and skateboard."

Bella added that the group hopes to inspire other girls to skateboard, and according to Relz, the Pink Helmet Posse is important because the three girls have a lot of fun and push each other.

Most of all, the Pink Helmet Posse demonstrates the importance of girl power!

"Girl power means you can still have fun while skating hard and being a girl,"  Bella said.

"We can do anything!" Relz said.

Keep up with the Pink Helmet Posse on their Instagram page here!

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