The Most Popular TV Shows for Teens

Who doesn't love a good little Netflix binge once in a while?

With all the homework and general responsibilities we all have to deal with, there's nothing quite like relaxing with your favorite show. And if you've already re-watched your favorite comfort show a few too many times, worry not. Explore our list of the top popular TV shows for teens, below!

Popular TV Shows for Teens Who Love Love

We all love a good romance story, right? Whether you're going through a breakup or are just in love with the idea of love, check out these popular teen TV shows.

  • Never Have I Ever
  • Dash & Lily
  • Awkward
  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette 
  • Bridgerton
  • Love Island 



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Popular TV Shows for Teens Who Enjoy a Good Mystery

If you love the idea of solving a mystery (or just watching other attractive teens do it on your television screen), check out these popular shows.

  • Riverdale
  • Outer Banks
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Ginny & Georgia


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Popular TV Shows for Teens Who Appreciate Some Downright Drama

Here for the drama? Yeah, us too. Check out this list of popular dramatic TV shows for teens.

  • Degrassi
  • Trinkets
  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Tiny Pretty Things


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Popular TV Shows for Teens Into Anything Supernatural

Vampires and werewolves and ghosts, oh my! If you're into the supernatural in one way or another, you'll fall in love with at least one of the titles on this list.

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Teen Wolf
  • Supernatural
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • The Order
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • The Originals 
  • Stranger Things



Ready to get to binge-watching? If you need an activity to keep all that watching interesting, check out our list of activities to do while watching TV by clicking HERE.