Why You Should Have More Potluck-Style Meals in 2023

If it felt like 2022 was the the first year in a while that you could actually return to gathering with friends and family again, get ready for a whole lot more of that in 2023.

One of the best ways to get people together? By throwing a potluck! And if you thought that these everyone-brings-something style meals were only good for Friendsgiving, think again. Here are just a few reasons why you should be having more potluck-style meals in 2023.

1. It's Less Effort to Host

When you're hosting a "normal" gathering, you're probably the main one handling food, drink and snack duties, all on top of decorating and everything else that's involved in hosting. All that cooking and cleaning can take so much of your time up that it barely leaves you time to actually enjoy everything, but having everyone bring something by having a potluck means that you get to spread out duties among everyone to keep some stress off your own shoulders.


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2. It Lets People Show Off Their Cooking Skills

It's not all that often that you see people hosting full-on dinner parties anymore, especially if you're in high school or college. That means that people who love to cook don't always get to show off their skills, but having a potluck means that they can get as creative as they like and have everyone get to appreciate their efforts. And for the people you know who aren't so graceful in the kitchen? Nothing wrong with having them pick up some store-bought sides or desserts (every ounce of effort is appreciated).


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3. Because You Get to Try More Different Things

Why limit yourself to one kind of main or style of cuisine when you can try so many different ones? A potluck gives you an excuse to either host with a theme (food from around the world, foods that start with first letter of each person's name etc.) or just have everyone bring whatever they like and you all get to enjoy a random assortment of deliciousness.


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4. Because It's Cheaper

Unless you were born yesterday (and potentially even then), you've no doubt heard that inflation is a big issue right now, especially at the grocery store. Thankfully, having a potluck-style meal means that each person doesn't have to spend all that much in order to enjoy an amazing time eating great food with great people. Saving money and eating well? Now that's a total win-win.


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5. Because You Can Do It for Any Meal of the Day

Brunch plans? Trade them in for an at-home potluck brunch to save everyone some money and the pain of trying to get a reservation. Whether you're planning a get together for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner, any and all of these make for great potluck plans. This is especially true as you can call for any dress code you like, whether it's casual, pajama-friendly or as fancy as your favorite restaurant. If you're hosting, the decision is up to you.


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