9 Viral Chefs You Need To Be Following on Instagram

There is nothing that makes us feel more at peace than watching our feeds fill up with tasty food content.

These incredible chefs are unstoppable with their unique recipes and aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages. Whether you are in search of fresh new recipes to add to your repertoire, or simply just love the ASMR of it all, we got the people for you! So brush off the cobwebs on your cutting board and start sharpening those knives, because these creators are about to make cooking anything but a chore.

Carolina Gelen

Carolina Gelen's passion for cooking was sparked by watching her mother in the kitchen when she was growing up. In 2021, Carolina moved from Romania to the states in hopes to pursue her passion for cooking. Part of her mission is to create accessible and approachable recipes that fuel any craving you may have. For an ultimate crowd-pleaser, try her Baklava Ice Cream. You won't be sorry.


Nasim Lahbichi

Nasim Lahbichi managed to make his love for food and sharing recipes into a career. His awe-inspiring weekly recipes are the love child of Moroccan and Puerto Rican flavors and his keen eye for design. This visual storyteller and Virgo moon has one of the most perfectly curated Instagram feeds we've ever seen, and his whipped eggplant dip will instantly turn any eggplant skeptics into fans. Although our recreations never come out as flawless as his, we can still dream!

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Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe, a James Beard Award-winning chef, knows exactly how to captivate an audience. She uses her platform to provide resources to create more sustainable systems and universal access to nutritious and affordable food. Sophia hosts and produces the Vice TV show, Counter Space, which she was nominated twice for a Daytime Emmy—and the first Black woman in the culinary category! We're obsessed with anything and everything Sophia does.

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Morgan Lynzi

Morgan Lynzi, a TV host, producer, podcaster, chef and so much more, is on a quest to create content that includes deep and impactful conversations. By virtue of her poetic storytelling, she makes her cooking videos utterly captivating. She is also the founder of Well Damn, a podcast and online community serving to make "the revolution irresistible," through its scrumptious and enriching content.


Jessica in the Kitchen

Jessica started her cooking and blogging journey 10 years ago, and we couldn't be more thrilled that she did. This award-winning photographer, videographer and chef is bringing the most mouthwatering and delicious vegan recipes to your FYP. Jessica always makes things fun and creative in the kitchen. She has more than 600 recipe options available on her website, so you'll never run out of great plant-based meals to cook.


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Emily Mariko

Emily Mariko is the reason millions are adding an ice cube on top of their rice to get the perfectly steamed consistency in the microwave. Her cooking videos are soothing as well as informative, while her weekly farmers market hauls will inspire you to prep all of your delicious meals in advance. And, on top of it all, she has a newsletter on Substack that provides her subscribers with grocery lists, meal ideas and organizational tips to keep their heads on straight, even through the most hectic of weeks.

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Tabitha Brown

Where do we even begin with the wonderful Tabitha Brown? This hilarious actress, entrepreneur, chef and two-time New York Times bestselling author of Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business!) and Cooking from the Spirit has taken the internet by storm, teaching us the power of authenticity while providing the world with simple, vegan recipes anyone can make at home. When she's not creating food content, she is working on her renowned vegan haircare brand, Donna's Recipe.


Wishbone Kitchen

Merideth Hayden (aka @Wishbone Kitchen) is a professional chef living in New York City. Meredith notably got her start cooking for high-end clientele in the Hamptons, and she's now best known for her relatable and hilarious content. Through her vlogs, we're able to catch a glimpse into her occasional 15-hour work days. Cooking any of the recipes in her self-published cookbooks (both available in her digital E-Book bundle) will leave your friends wondering whether you really whipped them up yourself or had professional catering.


Maya Leinenbach

With her incredible plant-based takes on carnivorous faves, Maya Leinenbach (aka @fitgreenmind) managed to amass 2.5 million Instagram followers while still in high school. On top of everything, this impressive food influencer has also managed to publish her own cookbook, ​​Ooh, that's vegan? Maya experiments with classically meat-heavy recipes, transforming them into delicious, vegan alternatives designed to satisfy even the most adamant meat-eaters.


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