5 Things to Do on Sunday to Have a Happy, Healthy, Productive Week

Sundays are always bittersweet. While it's a day for relaxation and fun, it also means Monday is just around the corner.

However, if you use your Sunday as a day to get ready for the week, you'll dread Monday a little less. Scroll below for five things you can do every Sunday that will set you up for a happy, healthy and productive week ahead.

1. Clean Your Room

It's hard to feel organized when you're living in a disorganized space. Put away clothes that may have piled up during the week, remove anything from the floor that doesn't belong there, and straighten up any clutter on shelves and surfaces.

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2. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

This is a task that's often neglected, but is so important to maintain healthy skin. Brushes collect bits of makeup as well as dirt and oil from your skin, and using dirty brushes can lead to clogged pores and pesky breakouts. Even if you use a daily brush cleaner, it's essential to do a weekly deep clean. For best results, use a makeup scrubbing glove (which you can get on Amazon for less than $2!) and a bit of dish soap. Allow your brushes to dry overnight.

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3. Plan as Much of Your Week as You Can

The more planning you do on Sunday, the less you'll have to stress during the week. Pick out your outfits for each day, plan what workouts you'll do which day, and figure out which days you'll work on school or work assignments you have due that week. Writing everything out makes you more likely to stick to your goals and will help you tackle long-term assignments in a timely manner.

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4. Have a Phone Date with a Long-Distance Bestie

Things can get hectic during the week and we can end up neglecting friends we don't see each day at school or work. This is especially true for friends who many not live near you. Schedule a Sunday phone date with a friend you haven't seen or spoken to in a while. There's nothing like some good girl talk to put you in a good mood for the rest of the week!


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5. Give Yourself an at-Home Facial

Whether you want to try a trendy Carbon Bubble Clay Mask or DIY a skincare mask of your own, Sunday night is the perfect night to make a little extra time to take care of your skin. You'll start off the week with a brand new glow!

Teen girl with face mask and cucumbers

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