6 Foolproof Apps to Effortlessly Get You Through Prom!

As our Sweetyz know, we are all about prom over here!

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From the gowns, to the hair and makeup, every aspect leading up to high school's biggest dance provides excitement.

But as we can tell you, achieving the ultimate feeling of joy that accompanies finally pinning that corsage onto our date before hitting the group limo is quite a process.

That's where these stress-saving apps come into play! We put together a list of easy-to-use services that will help you have the best prom experience possible. You can thank us later!

1. Prom Hairstyles

This is an absolute game changer because it lets you try on different hairstyles using a photo of yourself that you upload directly to the app. This way you can find your style, save the pic and bring it to your stylist (YAS!). Get the app HERE.

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2. iPromDress

Let us introduce you to your prom season BFF. Meet iPromDress, the app that lets you browse different styles and save your absolute faves by color or other dress feature. This way, you can avoid a hassle when you get to the store. Buy it HERE.

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3. beGlammed

This will basically put together the best glam squad you could possibly need. We brought this one to your attention a few weeks ago, but it's clearly a must for the big night. You can explore the different styles they specialize in before you even make an appointment. Your hair and makeup will be completely on point. Learn more and get it HERE.

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4. Prom Ping

The only people having more of a freak out on prom night than you are probably your parents. Let them know you're okay and having an amazing time using a few simple messages. That way, you don't have to duck out and call them in the middle of your big night. Get it HERE.

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5. Ask2Dance

Ask someone to dance in the coolest way possible with this app. Using its unique icebreakers and fun promposal ideas, this is your go-to for great ways to ask someone to prom or just ask that special someone to dance. Find it HERE.

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6. Plan'It Prom

If you're a major planner, this app is perfect for you. It's great for setting a budget and keeping track of appointments – and it even includes tips on how to cut a few costs for everything. Best part is, it's free! Get it HERE.

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The prom to-do list is seemingly endless! One more thing to possibly check off? Girl-to-guy promposal ideas! See these crafty ideas HERE.