How to Nail Prom If You're Newly Single

So you're newly single and prom is right around the corner… While all signs point to panic, don't loose your marbles just yet.

Although it's exciting to have a date for prom, you can have just as much fun going stag. Heck, there might even be a chance to make your S.O. very jealous ????(we kid, of course—kinda).

Having fun at prom simply comes down to being comfortable with yourself and your newly single status. Don't be shy to lean on your friends, too. And keep this in mind: Prom doesn't always line up with how movies make it seem.

Ahead, we have some pointers on how to nail prom if you're newly single.

Have a Positive Attitude

The secret to life is a positive attitude. Even when times are tough, like when you're fresh off a breakup, it's important to stay optimistic. If you dread going to prom single, guess what? You're probably not going to have much fun. But if you roll with the punches and have a positive outlook at how much fun you could have, you'll be surprised at how epic your night can turn out.


Pick Out a Killer Dress

Nothing tells your ex they made a mistake quite you rocking a killer dress. If you're feeling down, spend a little extra time (and maybe even cash) to treat yourself to a look that you feel magical in. It shows when you feel good, and there's no better way to get over an ex than a mega dose of confidence.

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Get Ready With Your Friends

A fun prom night starts well before the limo pulls up—getting ready is half the fun of the process. Make sure to plan with your friends so you can all get ready at one of your houses together. Doing this will keep you in good company and get you excited for the night's festivities.


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Treat Yourself to a Blowout and/or Professionally Done Makeup

Going back to self-confidence, an amazing blowout or makeup look are additional ways to get you feeling like you rule the world. Treat yourself to a DryBar appointment, or get your makeup done at the local department store so you can feel extra pampered.


Arrive in Style

You've got the dress, the 'do and the squad—now all you need is to show up in a cool ride. Limos are pretty typical for prom night. If your budget allows, get something insanely extra (but totally acceptable), like a Hummer limo or something old-school.

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Dance Your Butt Off

No date doesn't mean you can't dance! Half the time, people only go with dates for fun anyway, so you'll have plenty of dancing partners to choose from. For the slow dances, perhaps you'll even lock eyes with a cutie who's stag, too?


Interact With Couples and Single Friends

There doesn't need to be this big separation between couples and singles—interact with any and everyone! However, do be mindful of those who are in relationships or finally with their longtime crush, as they need a little alone time, too.


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