Here's What Happened When I Wore Pumpkin Spice Latte Deodorant for a Week

When I told a few folks that I received a free sample of Native's limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Latte deodorant, the reactions were mixed when I told them I planned to wear it for a week.

"Interesting!" said one person, while another said, "I can't imagine using a food scent as deodorant." I was pleased when another person told me their same order was in the mail. Either way, I didn't know what to expect. Would I be dripping with the smell of fall after my hot yoga class? Would I blend in nicely at the Yankee Candle store? Only a one-week test would indeed tell!

Now, to backtrack a little, I am the self-proclaimed queen of fall. Yes, I called that. Sure, everyone loves their basic PSLs, but this extra special season is so much more to me than a silly Starbucks drink (no offense, Starbucks). So, with that, the thought of having a little piece of fall with me wherever I go definitely sounded intriguing. Though I must say I was a bit nervous, too, because I didn't want to reek of the smell, and quite frankly, if this was going to be deodorant, I needed it to actually do its job.

Sure enough, my stick arrived (with very cute packaging, might I add!). I couldn't wait to whip it open. I warned my colleagues that they may want to steer clear from me the next day because I was going to be a walking season.

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Well, to my surprise, Native's PSL deodorant is basically a big marketing schtick (but in the best way). You see, when you open the contents, the stick does indeed have a light whiff of pumpkin spice and gives you all the cozy warm and fuzzies one feels from the season, but when you actually put it under your armpits, there's no aroma at all, giving you the perfect adornment for the season, without causing you to distract people with your scent. And like other Native deodorants, you still get that foolproof sweat protection, so it's basically a win-win across the board.

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Is this the one missing item from your fall 2017 arsenal? This item can be purchased for $12 (with FREE shipping!) HERE.


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