20 Fiery Captions for All Your Instagram Posts Wearing a Red Outfit

Red is a lucky color.

It's the bold and assertive color of confidence, and when you're wearing it, it's impossible to fade into the background. If you love rockin' a daring a red ensemble, you have to capture that boldness on your Instagram.

Keep scrolling for the best fiery quotes to use as captions for all your Instagram posts wearing a red outfit.

For a photo of you rockin' your favorite red garb:

"There is a shade of red for every woman."

-Audrey Hepburn

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For when you're stealing the show in red:

"Red is not the color of a woman who hides in a corner."


For when you're grinning wide in the cutest red outfit:

"The color red never fails to make me smile."


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For a photo when you're struggling to accessorize your all-red look:

"Red goes with everything and red goes with nothing."

-Chloe Thurlow

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For a photo of you and your S.O. where your red outfit is the real focus:

"Loving him was red."

-"Red" by Taylor Swift


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For when the color red helps you to dance the night away:

"Today I wear red and I truly let go, losing my way and finding my soul."

-Shilpa Ahuja


For a photo of you in your favorite eye-catching red gown:

"Nothing attracts attention like a red dress."

-Laura Bush


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For when you stand out from the crowd with your fresh pop of color:

"I am the color red in a world of black and white."

-Bray Wyatt

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For showing off the dress you've been wearing everywhere:

"Never has it been inappropriate for a girl to wear a red dress."

-Caroline George, The Vestige


For a photo when you know you look best in red:

"Red has always been my color because red stands out."

-Ravyn Lenae


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For a photo of you cheesin' as hard as you possibly can in your red ensemble:

"Red is the ultimate cure for sadness."

-Bill Blass


For a photo of you explaining why you love this fiery color:

"I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red."

-Maria Sharapova


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For showing off in your signature shade:

"There is certainly a red for everyone."

-Christian Dior


For a photo when you're in red, all the way down to the tips of your toes:

"Put on your red shoes and dance away the blues."

-David Bowie


For the shot of you in your loveliest scarlet gown:

"Lady in red…"

-"Lady in Red," Chris De Burgh


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For when you're rocking your go-to red dress:

"When in doubt, wear red."

-Bill Blass

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For your fieriest look to date:

"I like the color red because it's a fire. And I see myself as always being on fire."

-Arnold Schwarzenegger


For the red getup that always lifts your spirits:

"I always liked red. It's a picker-upper."

-Anish Kapoor


For when your red ensemble is bringing you everything you wanted:

"Red is a lucky color.

-Jin Lee, Turning Red


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