5 Signs You and a Pal Will Never Get THAT Close

Sometimes friendships are strong from the start.

You meet, you love hanging out and you become BFFs in what feels like no time. Other instances don't have that magical effect.

There are some people you'll encounter in life who you'll invite to your parties, remain friendly with over the course of time, and text here and there, but the friendship continuously remains pretty surfacy. Read on for five key signs you and a pal will never, ever get that close:


You Have Different Lifestyles

If your pal is always dating someone and you're lovin' that single life, it's probably hard to connect in many ways. Just like if your friend takes AP classes, but you have no desire to go to college fresh out of high school, your priorities are in a different place. Are you the party girl and are they the homebody? When your goals, needs and causes for happiness don't mimic someone else's, it's hard to find that common ground and truly click.


You Have Different Schedules

Although this doesn't always have to be a dealbreaker, having similar schedules can fasttrack a friendship. Being able to meet before classes or practice the same sport always has a way of making people feel closer. If your busy schedules are different, it will be harder for you to find time to kindle that relationship. For this reason, different schedules may oftentimes stop a close friendship from developing.


You Don't Like the Same Things

Although friends don't have to be spitting images of each other, sharing hobbies and interests gives you something to talk about. If you dislike each other's music, don't like the same activities and overall don't vibe with the things you already have in your life, there aren't really many grounds for bonding. There are only so many death metal concerts you can accompany your friend to when you're really much more of an EDM kind of gal!


Your Hangout Sessions Consist of Either (or Both) of You on Your Phone

A surefire way to figure out if you two will become good pals is to pay attention to your phone usage when you hangout. If either of you lock eyes with your screen more than each other, it's unfortunately a sign that you don't really have that much to talk about, nor do you value the 1:1 time you have together. Two people who truly click will sacrifice the Instagram scrolls for some IRL gossip and LOLing.


You Have the Same Crush

Even if you click with a friend, if you like the same person, things can get competitive and feelings oftentimes get hurt. If a friend drops clues about sharing the same crush, you may want to stop and consider if developing a deep friendship is what you even really want. Ask yourself how you would honestly feel is your friend ended up with your crush. Or on the flip side, ask yourself how that person would react if your crush finally said yes to you. If the answers to those hypothetical questions aren't positive, best to accept this friendship isn't going to go far (at least for now).


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