6 Signs You've Made a Best Friend for Life

In life, there are friends, and then there are best friends.

While the line between them may be hard to define, there are a few solid giveaways that you've really found a friendship that's built to last—even for a lifetime. So, what are these signs that you've made yourself a best friend for life? We can name a few, below!

1. You Can Talk About Anything and Everything

You know those two people that can't seem to stop talking? It's probably because they just click in a way that others can't describe unless they've experienced it too, and that certain something is what elevates a friendship to the next level of closeness. If you can pick up a conversation on the fly and just start talking each other's ears off without annoying one another, think of it as a great sign.


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2. Silence Doesn't Feel Awkward

While the two of you can talk almost non-stop, when silences do happen, they aren't awkward like they might be with people that you're simply acquaintances or even casual friends with. It's as if there's an energy in the air that remains consistent, even when neither of you is feeling too chatty at the specific moment.


3. You Have Similar Life Values

A best friend isn't someone that mirrors you exactly, but they should be someone that has similar values when it comes to the major things in life. They might come from a different background than you, be of a different sexual orientation than you or have grown up in an entirely different way than you, but there's a good chance that you both appreciate certain things on a larger scale. Whether it be the way you look at relationships, a love for traveling and adventure or anything else that connects you past having the same taste in TV shows, this is a sure sign that you might just have found yourself a friend for life.


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4. You Could Survive (and Enjoy) Traveling With Them

There's nothing that can show you how well (or not-so-well) you get along with someone quite like travel. Whether it be a quick weekend road trip or a two-week-long European adventure, traveling requires a lot of energy, planning and "going with the flow" to enjoy it to its fullest. While people with different personalities can definitely still travel well together, things can become challenging when each person doesn't quite click on that innate level or can't go along with whatever might be best for the group. When you can travel well with someone though, and make memories along the way that will last you for life… now that might just be a best friend you'll never lose.


5. You Can Vent to Them Without Judgement

First of all, you're always venting to them rather than about them. Besides that, you know that this person is a safe space where you can air your grievances without feeling an ounce of judgment. Whether it's about your family, your partner, another friend or even something as simple as work or school, this person is all ears for hearing you out and letting you vent when it's absolutely needed.


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6. You Know You Could Count On Them for Anything

Friends are people who have your back, but a best friend? That person would be there for you even in instances when a regular friend might not be. Even if you never need this person to do something major for you (be it a favor or just holding onto a secret), knowing that you could count on them if you need to is a major sign that that's a person who's got your back for life.


Now that you've explored just a few of the signs that you've found a best friend for life, you might want to go tell that person how much they mean to you. And if you don't want to say it with words, you can say it with one of the (budget-friendly) gifts you'll find on our list by clicking HERE.