How to Create Sentimental Yet Safe Care Packages Amid Social Distancing

We're in dark times right now (literally and figuratively), and part of this coronavirus-induced quarantine we're living under prevents us from physically seeing almost everyone we love.

In normal circumstances, putting together a care package for someone we miss simply requires a quick trip to the store and post office. But with social distancing in place (until at least May 15 for Los Angeles County), accessing materials is a little more challenging—plus, there's a lot we're discouraged to send in the mail.

We may be limited, but we're not at a complete loss. Keep reading for how to create sentimental yet safe care packages amid social distancing.

1. Wear Gloves!

It's a little tedious yes, but super important—even in the safety of your own home. If there's even the most minor chance you've been exposed to the virus, you don't want to put your special someone at risk by not protecting them. Put those gloves on throughout the duration of your package assembly, and also apply sanitized wipes to anything you can.


2. Include a Pre-Packaged Nutritious Snack or Consumable Offering

While we're sure junk food is the more preferable option, now'not the time for a Snickers bar. It's imperative everyone keeps their immune systems up, meaning nutrition is key. If your friend or loved one rolls their eyes at the word "healthy" you can still include something tasty. And if they're truly a sucker for a sweet treat, we recommend vegan, gluten-free free2b Sunflower Butter Cups or ChocZero's sugar-free dark chocolate bars. You can purchase a package that comes with several individually wrapped items and divvy them up as you please. Unfortunately, this isn't the time to send your signature homemade chocolate chip cookies.

If snack bars aren't so much their thing, consider upscale instant coffee! We love Emma Chamberlain's steeped Chamberlain Coffee bags. They come in sets of five and they're strong enough to get your person through the day. If they own a Keurig machine, BareOrganics coffee pods are absolutely perfect for current times. Not only are their variety of offerings delicious, but every single one is packed with superfoods, which is just what the doctor ordered! From beauty teas to energy-boosting coffees, the brand carries something for everyone during these bizarre times.


3. Include a COVID Commodity

Toilet paper may be too clunky to slip into your care package, but perhaps a tissue pack, hand sanitizer, mask or wipes? If you or your family is scarce on said items yourselves, hold on to them, but if you have extra floating around, it'll obviously be a greatly appreciated gesture.

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4. Include Something to Liven Up a Room

When in doubt, we turn to candles! One of our fave brands at the moment is Printfresh. Their coconut-blended wax products come in a variety of delightfully aromatic scents that are sure to liven up even these darkest of days. If that's their vibe, we also recommend Urban Outfitters' Artist Print Tin Candles. TBH, we don't even light them! Their scent is potent enough to act as an air diffuser—no joke.

If they're more the spiritual type, you can always send along a special healing stone (with a theme fitting to the times). We recommend browsing the Chasin' Unicorns website. They carry everything from stones, to bath bombs to body oils and more—all containing healing properties, which is obviously ideal at the moment.


5. Write a Personalized Note

Just when you wrote off hand-written cards as a thing for old people, quarantine hit and now you're seeking out stationery more than ever! Trust us, above all else in this package, a hand-written note will shine the brightest. Even if you talk to or text someone on the phone every day, having those meaningful, hand-written words from you to them is something special that we don't get enough of these days. Unlike a text, they can have this card and hold onto it forever, so make it extra special.


6. Send Them a Pre-Packaged Box of Goodies From a Small Business

You may have to do your research, but there are plenty of small businesses that offer either pre-assembled gift bundles or sell travel-sized items you can morph into care packages. If your special someone is a foodie, we especially love Bubble, an on-trend, nutritious online grocery store that truly brings you the latest and greatest in all things plant-based, gluten-free, paleo—you name it. Regardless of lifestyle, this brand carries it all! If they're more into makeup or skincare, we highly recommend going to the website of any brand they fancy and looking out for travel kits, gift sizes or care packages. As we mentioned, do your part and support the smaller businesses out there. You're sure to find what you need!

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