Sofía Reyes Shares the Story Behind 'Duele Tanto' and Her Collab With Carlos Zaur

On their new duet "Duele Tanto," Mexican singer-songwriters Sofía Reyes and Carlos Zaur teamed up for a bolero of epic proportions, and it comes as no surprise that the track is already blowing up.

The spicy Spanish-language single shows both artists in top form, and also demonstrates the musical chemistry they share. Sofía actually discovered Carlos on YouTube before helping to bring him into the spotlight—and the duo co-wrote seven songs for his upcoming debut album, including "Duele Tanto." If this track is any indication, the whole thing is going to be fire. We got the chance to chat with Sofía all about the collab and her favorite "Duele Tanto" lyrics, and here's what she shared with us:

The Story Behind 'Duele Tanto'

Sofía Reyes: Carlos and I were looking for a song that we wanted to sing together, and "Duele Tanto" just felt right. It is a very special song. I really wanted to sing a bolero for a long time, and I think this collab was the right moment to do it. Writing with Carlos and discovering his essence in music and what he wanted to put out to the world has been a beautiful journey that took us a long time. It's such an honor to sing "Duele Tanto" with him.

You have to listen to the song, but Carlos was going through a heartbreak. It's about wanting to be with someone, but you can't be with that person because they choose not to be with you. It's about accepting that. It's a love letter. It's sad, but it's also talking about acceptance with love.


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The Meaning of 'Duele Tanto'

SR: In English, "Duele Tanto" means, "It hurts a lot." I just hope people relate to it and get inspired by it. It's a song that we both really love and that we enjoyed writing, and enjoyed performing. It has a very special place in our hearts, and I really hope it connects with people.

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Sofía's Favorite Lyric

SR: "Te daría todos los mares pero no los quieres y duele tanto." It means, "I would give you all the oceans, but you don't want them, and that hurts a lot." Why? It's very real. I've been there, I've felt that. It's a very beautiful visual.

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