If you’ve been following Sweety High regularly, then you know we’re all about our nails.

Whether we’re rocking Kylie Jenner-inspired talons for the day, testing holiday shades or attempting gel-like hacks, we love getting our hands (pun intended) on the latest and greatest products.

So, when we were sent a set of SOPHi by Piggy Paint polishes, we knew we had to give them a try.

The Products

The vegan, non-toxic, inexpensive, odorless shades are encouraged to be used with the line’s two-part PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System, which locks in the color, while bonding the consistency to the nails. In addition, there’s a special acetone-free Nail Polish Stripper that’s required to remove the polish. There are currently 23 polishes in the collection, and we’ve got to say, the shades are rich and beautiful, ranging from fluorescent to neutral to bold. There is an additional kicker, though. You must have a blow dryer on hand to get the maximized effect of these products.


The Experience

Before you dive into trying this line of products, know that using them is a bit of a commitment—both timewise and wearwise. The recommended application is a multi-step process, because after each different liquid is applied, you are also encouraged to blow dry for 60 seconds to ensure the products set. If you want to go for it, we strongly advise playing with these products during a casual weekend at home or after school while watching TV.

You definitely don’t want to rush through the process, because as we learned firsthand, you won’t get the maximized results. When we partook in the full process, our nails looked straight out of a salon. But when we attempted to get full results by applying just the polish and a generic topcoat without following the other steps, we ended up with a less vibrant color that easily chipped.


Even the most powerful remover will not take off SOPHi polish. You must use the branded remover to get the job done. This is a good thing if you love the way your nails look. The color will stay on strong. But if you’re eager for a change, you will need your SOPHi remover on hand.


Bottom Line

If you’re strongly against chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients, these products are right up your alley. Additionally, the colors glide on smoothly and the final result can be vibrant if all of the necessary steps are followed. If you’re always in a rush or simply just want a quick fix, then this line probably isn’t your best bet. Either way, we continue going back to the beauty of the colors, which is something not to be overlooked.


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