Find Your Chill in the Summer Heat With These Cool Products

In the thick of this crazy summer weather, it can be hard to find ways to stay cool, calm and collected.

But keeping the temperature down is a lot easier than you think. Scroll below for some hot products that will keep things chill.


1. iPhone Fan: $6.54 

Your phone just got even more useful by giving you a way to stay cool while you're using it. This detachable fan (also available for Android) provides the perfect way for you to multitask. Yep, we need it.

iPhone fan

(via Amazon)

2. Cooling Peppermint Spray

Who knew that combining water and peppermint oil could create such a beautiful thing!? This easy-to-make spray has amazing cooling qualities. Simply give yourself a spritz for some fast relief from the blazing heat. Read the full guide on how to make it HERE.

Peppermint cooling spray

(via Shaken Together)


3. Chillow: $24.85

When the sun goes down and it's still hotter than heck outside, Chillow will be your life saver. Rest your precious little head on this bad boy and you'll be sure to get a restful night of sleep without dripping in a pool of sweat.

Chillow Pillow

(via Amazon)


4. Cooling Towel: $7.99

While everyone else is boiling from the sun's rays, you'll be chilling on your EnduraCool towel. No sweating allowed.

Cooling Towel in pink

(via Bed, Bath & Beyond)


5. Stuffed Animal: $14.99

You'll definitely want to give all the cuddles to this sweet little monkey, especially since he doubles as a cooling pack. Pop him in the freezer for a few hours, take him out and let the chilling process begin.

Thermal Zoo stuffed monkey

(via Target)


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