Home Goods You NEED From Sunday Citizen

We're always looking for ways to improve the state of our homes and our sleep, and there's truly no better brand out there than Sunday Citizen to help us do just that.

Sunday Citizen offers home goods for the bedroom, bathroom, living room and beyond, and after trying out some of their best-sellers for ourselves, we can honestly say we're completely hooked. Just keep scrolling to find out all about our favorites from Sunday Citizen.

Snug Comforter: $280+

Raise your hand if you're sick and tired of using a duvet cover! They are not user-friendly, are incredibly time-consuming to clean and are just downright annoying, which is why we were so excited to try out the Snug Comforter from Sunday Citizen. Instead of having to insert a comforter into a duvet cover, you only have to deal with one joined piece. It's incredibly soft and double-sided, with one side that's fluffy and the other that's made from bamboo. The end result is a hypoallergenic comforter that's both cooling and buttery soft. We don't think we're ever going back to duvets.

(via Sunday Citizen)


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Crystal Powered Sleep Mask: $40

If you're the type of person who needs their room to be completely dark when you go to bed, all you need to make that happen is a high-quality sleep mask that won't budge while you're catching your Z's. This Crystal Powered Sleep Mask has seriously upped our sleeping game thanks to the stretchy design, satin fabric and even ear covers to reduce noise. But our favorite part has to be the wickedly soft bamboo fabric that's filled with amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz crystals, which are said to promote soothing energy while you sleep.

(via Sunday Citizen)


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Washable Silk Pillowcase Set: $170+

We can't say enough good things about this Washable Silk Pillowcase Set. It's cooling, anti-moisture absorbing, smoothing and breathable. If you typically find yourself having to flip your pillow constantly throughout the night to get to the "cool" side, you'll find you won't have to do that as often with these babies. Plus, they're great for skin and hair, as the fabric won't pull your locks or irritate your skin. We're simply in love.

(via Sunday Citizen)


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Porto Bath Rug: $85

There's nothing like placing your feet on a plushy bath mat after stepping out of the shower, and after trying out the Porto Bath Rug, we think we may have found our favorite one ever. The 24 x 40-inch rug takes up the perfect amount of space to keep your toes nice and toasty, and the plushy cotton absorbs up all of the dripping water you're bound to get on it.

(via Sunday Citizen)


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