Taurus season runs from April 20 to May 20, taking place smack-dab in the center of spring, and it happens to be one of the best times of the year to really get your life in order.

That’s because (if you’re a believer in astrology, at least) the season carries the qualities of Taurus along with it, making this a time of groundedness, calm, stability and hard work. Curious about how to make the most of this time? Keep scrolling for 15 things to add to your Taurus season bucket list.

1. Enjoy a Fine Meal

Taurus is known as a sign of indulgence and enjoying the finer things in life (sometimes to the point of materialism), so get the season off to a great start by enjoying a fine meal. Whether that means cooking at home, visiting your favorite hole in the wall or spending a little extra at a fancy restaurant, there’s nothing like a great meal experience—especially when you can share it with the people you care about.

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2. Spring Clean

Taurus season falls right in the middle of spring, so channel those Taurean vibes of cleanliness and tidiness and practice a little bit of spring cleaning yourself. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to declutter your space, get your stuff organized and donate the things that no longer serve you to a friend, shelter or thrift store, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that brings you for the rest of the season.


3. Get Caught Up

The grounded, stable energy or Taurus season makes it the perfect time to get caught up on the things that have been escaping your grasp. Try to make a little extra time to focus on the areas where you’re struggling, and see if you can recruit someone to lend you a little help. And, if you’re the Taurus type who doesn’t need the help, then reach out to find someone who needs your guidance in return.


4. Get a Message

Taurus is a very physical, tactile sign, and there’s no better way to celebrate those qualities than with a nice massage. The right pressure can help you release collected stress and tension, whether you go to a spa for an all-over treatment or just to the nail salon to get a massage with your pedicure.


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5. Practice a Family Tradition

The earth signs of the zodiac are known for being family-oriented and traditional, so use this time to practice a family tradition. Even if it’s something as simple as eating a cultural food, that practice can make you feel more enriched in your family history and create a great bonding moment between you and the people you love.


6. Run an Errand You’ve Been Putting Off

Feeling a bit more focused and driven lately? Maybe it’s just the fresh spring air and sunshine talking, or maybe Taurus’s hardworking and practical nature is flowing through you. Either way, channel that drive into finishing a task you’ve been ignoring. You might be surprised at how fast and easy it actually is, and how great it feels to have it off your plate.

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7. Practice Mindfulness

You know how they say that slow and steady wins the race? That’s practically Taurus’s mantra, so instead of racing to get ahead, try to slow down, soak in the present moment and act with intention and purpose during this time. You might be surprised by the impressive results.


8. Buy Something a Thoughtful Gift

Taureans know better than most that giving gifts can feel just as good as receiving them, so follow their generous and affectionate lead and buy someone a thoughtful gift this season. Whether someone has a special occasion or it’s a “just because” gift, it’s okay to selfishly seek the joy of giving someone a present they’ll love.


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9. Give Something a Second Try

Many see stubbornness as one of Taurus’s greatest weakness, but it can also be a powerful strength of the sign. Their persistence gets them ahead when others give up, so this may be the right time to give a second attempt at something you failed the first time. Maybe you’ll find success you didn’t before, and even if you don’t, you’ll learn even greater resilience along the way.


10. Meditate

Not feeling quite so calm as you should during Taurus’s time? It might be a great time to take up meditation to help you better understand yourself, as well as manage your stress. There are plenty of guided meditation apps or even YouTube videos out there so that all you have to do is find a quiet, comfy space to follow along, and if your mind drifts, that’s okay! Just take note of the distraction and pull yourself back into the current meditation.


11. Take Someone on a Date

Taurus is one of the most classically romantic signs, so celebrate Taurus season by showing someone you care for them. Take this time to go on a  date, whether you’re wooing your partner, dating someone new or just bringing your best friend out for a great dinner to let them know how important they are to you.

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12. Swap Music Recs With a Friend

The well-known refined taste of Taurus also applies to music, so don’t be afraid to seek out some new tunes to listen to during Taurus season. Chat with your friends with the best taste and swap music recs, or team up to create themed playlists featuring your favorite artists.


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13. Update Your Passwords

Keep getting those emails telling you your passwords are out of date or there’s been a security breach? Yeah—don’t ignore those. Since Taurus is a sign known for its sense of security and stability, set aside some time this month to make sure all of your accounts are in order so no one gets access to your accounts (or worse, your money).


14. Get That Checkup You’ve Been Putting Off

Taurus is also the zodiac sign most closely associated with the body and health, so if you’ve been putting off check-ups or appointments, whether they’re with your doctor, dentist, optometrist or therapist, it’s time to get a meeting on the schedule. Your body and mind stay with you for the rest of your life, so remember to take care of them.


15. Let Something Go

And lastly, in the spirit of Taurus season, we actually recommend going against their infamous stubborn streak. If you’ve been holding onto a grudge for too long, or stubbornly resisting something just for the sake of it, it’s time to let go, forgive and move on.


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