Having a crush on your very best guy friend is never ever easy.

You want to tell them how you feel, and you know you’re perfect for them, but you’re terrified of what they might say or feel if you reveal your feelings.

If you’ve ever experienced this feeling or anything like it, we’ve just discovered the perfect pop song for you—it’s called “Never Woulda Letcha.”

This poppy new single by rising artist Taylor Grey dropped today and is beyond relatable and totally catchy.

Taylor Grey in an all black outfit

(Photo Credit: Gray Hamner) 

Hear it for yourself and find out Taylor’s inspiration behind this tune by scrolling below!

Artist: Taylor Grey

Age: 19

New single: “Never Woulda Letcha”

What it means to Taylor: ” ‘Never Woulda Letcha’ is about that friend you have a secret crush on. You’ve known each other forever and you’ve always been ‘just friends.’ And when you see them go through a breakup or being heartbroken, you start to think about what would have happened if you two started a relationship. It’s saying if I was her, if I was the girl you were with, I never would have let you go. It’s that awkward and yearning feeling when you’re just stuck hiding your feelings.”

Taylor Grey's single art

(Photo Credit: Gray Hamner) 

Biggest influences: “My influence changes day by day, which is why you’ll never see me with one stagnant sound. If I’m listening to Ed Sheeran, I might write a more emotional, biographical song. If I’m shuffling through Top 40 music, I’ll write a fun, upbeat song. If I’m listening to Classic Rock (my all-time favorite band is the Eagles), I’ll focus more on using cool literary tactics. Each day inspires me differently, in terms of what music I’m vibing on and what’s going on in my life.”

Dream venue: “Anywhere that will take me! I think a dream would be to perform at the SAP center in San Jose. It’s where I went to concerts when I was growing up so I think being on the other side of that would be such a surreal experience.”

Dream duet would be with: “I’ve already been so lucky to have been able to record my song ‘Fallin’ with Bradley Simpson from the Vamps. I would love to do something with Ed Sheeran.”

Taylor Grey in an all black outfit

(Photo Credit: Gray Hamner) 

Fave songs: “Okay, so I know these are going to change in a week since I’m constantly listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, but here it goes! My favorites are ‘Castle on the Hill’ by Ed Sheeran, ‘Issues’ by Julia Michaels, ‘Waving Through a Window’ by Ben Platt, ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers and ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles.”

What you hope to accomplish: “I hope to connect with people. I want to be someone people can relate to and see themselves in. When I was growing up, a lot of the female musicians I saw seemed perfect. And I’m definitely not perfect, nor do I appear to be and I love that. I’m just a normal girl and I’m still growing. I want to be someone who can grow with the people who listen to my music. And I hope to write songs that people can be heartbroken to and songs that people can jump around in their room dancing to.”


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