9 Dreamy Texts to Send Your Pisces Crush

We'll be the first to admit that texting your crush can be hard. 

It's tough to strike that perfect balance between coming on too hard and being a little too coy, and you definitely don't want to say the wrong thing and make the other person never want to text you again.

But luckily for all of us, we don'always have to start from scratch figuring out what kinds of texts might work with certain people. If you know their zodiac sign, for example, you're already on top of the game. If that special someone is a Pisces (born Feb. 19 through March 20), here are nine dreamy texts that'll catch their attention and get your next dialogue going.

'You were in my dream last night…'

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, seeking deep meaning in the dreams they have at night, as well as daydreaming their days away. They tend to think that the messages you receive in your sleep are truly significant, and rather than being weirded out that you were thinking of them while you snoozed, they're more likely to wonder why they were there in the first place. It's a surefire way to get you into their dreams, too.

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'We're doing Zoom karaoke. Wanna join?'

Pisces tend to be both creative and musically inclined, and while they won't be the first to reach out in a social situation, they definitely appreciate being included. The next time you and your group of friends are going to do something silly and musical like a Zoom karaoke sesh, don't shy away from inviting your crush along. They might be craving a hangout right about now, and will love the suggestion. Plus, it's never a bad thing to integrate your crush into your friend group.


'This poem reminded me of you.'

Artsy Pisces is a hopeless romantic at heart. They're emotional creatures who are moved by thoughtful and poetic language written to speak right to the heart. It may sound sappy, but the next time you stumble across a poem that reminds you of them, be brave and send it along to them. It doesn't even have to be romantic—just something to show that they're on your mind.


'Do you take commissions?'

We've mentioned that Pisces tend to be incredibly creative. Most Pisces we know either draw, paint, write, sculpt, make music or participate in some other artistic endeavor that's all about creation. If that's the case with your Pisces crush, why not let you know how much you appreciate their craft? By asking if they take commissions, you're not only telling them you value their art, but that it's worth something tangible—and that you'd love a piece of it for yourself.


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'Can I do a tarot reading for you?'

Pisces is one of the most intuitive and metaphysically-oriented zodiac signs. Even if they won't admit it, many of them are super into things like horoscopes, numerology, psychic readings and tarot cards. If you happen to dabble in one of these areas, offer to do a reading for them and see what they say. But be honest! We don't condone telling your crush that you're soulmates when the cards say a relationship would come crashing down.


'What was the idea you were talking about the other day?'

Pisces are dreamers and ideators who are constantly coming up with big and bold ideas, but without the right support, they're likely to stay just that—ideas. If you want to make them feel appreciated, ask them to reiterate their latest out-of-the-box invention. A little encouragement to pursue these concepts and bring them to life will go a long way to endear them to you, and if you can help shape them into reality, even better.


'I'm bored. Have any movie recs?'

Pisces tend to have quirky personalities and eclectic tastes, and it's not unusual for their tastes in movies and TV shows to be a little off the beaten path. Not everyone appreciates their unique approach, but if you're curious about their interests, don't be afraid to express that. Show them that you not only trust their choices, but are willing to invest time in something they care about, and they're likely to start paying attention to your interests, too.

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'Wanted to check in with you. Are you okay?'

If your Pisces crush has appeared a little off lately, it might be because Pisces tend to experience their emotions very intensely. When this happens, they'll often withdraw into themselves, when actually talking it out with someone who cares would be much better for them. We understand that not everyone is so open with their feelings, but once you get a Pisces to confide in you, you'll find that a very special relationship can bloom from that closeness.


'Can you see the sunset right now? It's beautiful.'

Just because you can't necessarily physically be near your crush doesn't mean you can't share some gorgeous real-life experiences with them. If you live close enough to each other, you may just be able to share a sunset. When the sun hits the clouds just right, so those pinks and golds and oranges bounce off of them and light up the sky, shoot over a text telling them to look outside instead of a picture that barely captures the beauty. Pisces truly appreciates the wonders of nature, and it's a text they won't soon forget.


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