The 8 Best Chipotle Secret Menu Items and How to Order Them

If there's one sentence that can get just about anyone excited, it's "do you want to get Chipotle?"

The fast-casual food chain has taken the world by storm with its ultra-customizable menu of bowls, burritos and other brilliantly crafted items, and it's pretty easy to see why. Chipotle fans are loyal, and most of them know what they like and exactly how to order it.

However, it's always good to spice things up in a while (and we don't just mean by adding a dollop of that delicious green salsa). Whether you're a total fanatic who orders their favorite bowl at least once a week or a complete newbie to the chain, there's a Chipotle secret menu that's definitely worth knowing about. Ready to uncover the best items off the secret menu? We're here to help you do just that, and you can even take some notes on how to order each of them. Let's start off with:

1. Quesarito

We had to kick off this list of the best Chipotle secret menu items with the well-known beast that is the "Quesarito." Essentially a burrito wrapped inside of a cheese quesadilla, this item is definitely not for the faint of heart (or appetite)—especially since it can be hard to make.

If you've got your heart set on trying it and your nearest location won't allow you to order it, you can hack the menu further by simply ordering your go-to burrito along with a quesadilla on the side that you ask to be uncut. This won't be quite the same due to the fact that a traditional quesadilla from Chipotle (we'll talk more about these later on this list) is created from just one tortilla folded in half, but it's well worth the effort if it comes down to it.
And if this item sounds a bit too heavy for you, you might want to try the "burritodilla"—burrito ingredients inside of a quesadilla, therefore coming in at about half the size—instead.


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2. Nachos

Nachos are a staple of many of our favorite restaurant menus, but somehow, Chipotle's is still not one of them. However, that doesn't mean you're fresh out of luck if you're craving your favorite crunchy plate of cheesy goodness. To order this Chipotle secret menu item, simply get a burrito bowl but ask for chips on the bottom instead of rice. From there, the nachos become an artist's canvas for you to get creative with. Pick your favorite protein, toppings and, of course, queso, then dive in and enjoy. If you can't get chips at the base, you'll have to pay extra to have them served on the side, then put everything together on your own. But hey, the messier the nachos, the better, right?

Pro tip: asking for chips as a base can also be a way to create a well-debated Chipotle secret menu item: the taco salad. Most locations won't whip this one up for you, but you can make your own version with chips and a regular salad option.


3. Fresh Cilantro

Cilantro fans, prepare yourselves: you can indeed order extra fresh cilantro atop your favorite Chipotle menu items. Sure, this "secret menu" item is certainly simple, but it's also free and adds a fresh touch to any of your usual orders.


4. Double-Wrapped Burrito

Tired of your burrito always falling apart when you've barely taken more than two bites? If you aren't afraid of the extra carbs, you can simply ask for your burrito to be double wrapped (or just ask for two tortillas) when ordering your usual burrito.

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5. Double Toppings

Speaking of doubling things, did you know you can get twice the goodness of all your favorite ingredients? While this is more of a menu hack than a secret menu item, it gives you the freedom to create your own delicious masterpiece (just as long as you're willing to potentially pay extra for double protein or guac, that is).

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6. Double Decker Taco

Another double? Yes indeed. The "double decker taco" secret menu item is essentially the taco version of the Quesarito, but it's a whole lot easier to order (and eat). It's just a normal taco with all your preferred fillings inside of a softshell cheese taco, with the cheese taco on bottom and the regular stacked on top for layered cheesy goodness that's worth the extra effort of asking for.


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7. Quesadilla

While this one isn'technically a "secret" any longer since Chipotle officially added it to their online menu (under kid's meals, in case you were wondering), it's still not an official in-store item and thus deserves a place on this list. It's pretty simple in terms of both ingredients and ordering, as it's a basic flat burrito tortilla that's filled with cheese (and your choice of protein for an extra cost, but we'd vote to stick with the classic cheese rendition) and melted in a presser.

To order, you'll probably be able to just ask for it, even if you don't see it on the menu when you visit your nearest store.

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8. Spicy Queso

This one is so good that even the official Chipotle TikTok account had to post about it. A DIY secret menu item, the Chipotle spicy queso is crafted easily when you ask for a side of queso and their hot salsa, then mixing the two together. From there, you can use the mixture with whatever you please, from the simplest of quesadillas to the grandest of nacho towers and everything in between. We prefer this one over the "dragon sauce" that went viral for a bit, as it has more of a kick and far more versatility than its sour cream and salsa counterpart.


Hungry yet? Whether you're in the mood for a monstrously massive Quesarito or would prefer just adding a bit of fresh cilantro and spicy queso to your usual order, the Chipotle secret menu is yours to play with. Just be prepared for some challenges when ordering, but patience will get you far.

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