The Best Emojis to Use When Texting Your Friends

You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Never has this statement held more truth than in today's world of constant communication, where virtually every person is just a text or a DM away. Whether you're trying to keep your messages brief or you simply enjoy the creativity that an image provides, emojis are a modern-day poet's best friend. However, knowing your emojis and which to use when texting different people in your life can have a big impact (for example, you probably wouldn't send your crush the same exact emojis as you would your grandma, and vice versa).

Thankfully, texting your friends and adding in emojis is usually a pretty safe bet. But which are theΒ bestΒ emojis to use when texting them? We've got some ideas:

1. The πŸ‘€ Emoji

We had to give this one a spot in our list of the best emojis to use when texting your friends for a few reasons. First, there's the pure simplicity. It's literally just a pair of eyes looking to the side. Second, and by all means more importantly, is the versatility. Are you trying to get your friend to spill some tea about a recent situation? Asking them if they'll give that person they just went out with a second date? Or maybe even trying to get them to do something with you last minute? With the right usage, this emoji saves you from ever having to phrase the question in the first place.

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2. The ☠/πŸ’€ Emoji

By now, most of us know that the skull emoji has fully replaced "πŸ˜‚" as the symbol for laughter. However, being common doesn't make this emoji any less worth using, especially when texting your friends! In fact, a little ☠ can do all the talking for you when you want to reply to the funny TikTok your friend just sent you without actually drafting out any words (because who has the time for that these days?).


3. The 🫢 Emoji

The heart hands emoji may be a newer one, but it's one we can't help but include in any mildly wholesome or emotional text to a friend. Sure, you could use the πŸ₯Ί face to show these emotions, but the heart hands just serve the purpose slightly better, if you ask us.

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4. The πŸŽ‰ Emoji

Whether you're showing support after your friend just aced their exam or adorning your "Happy Birthday" text to them, this emoji adds the perfect touch for any form of celebration.


5. The πŸ™„ Emoji

The virtual embodiment of an eye roll is a great emoji to use when texting a friend, especially during conversations that involve venting. If someone or something has you both rolling your eyes, we think saying it with a little πŸ™„ is even better than trying to voice that feeling.


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6. The 🀠 Emoji

Underrated? Yes. Versatile? Also yes! Giddyup, because the cowboy hat emoji is one that is well worth giving a go in your texts to friends. If you're not quite sure how to use it (unless you're actually talking about cowboys, for whatever reason), think of it as the perfect lighthearted placeholder. It adds just enough randomness with a dash of "let's go" that it can be used whenever you're not sure which face best suits the conversation at hand. For example, responding to any text asking about plans you're agreeing to with "I'm down 🀠" vs. just leaving the text dry with no face on the end.

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