The Best 6 K-Pop Tracks of November 2022

Right before the holiday season, we were in for an early gift with an abundance of amazing K-pop tracks in November

Soloists AleXa and B.I made their presence felt with incredible releases, as did some boy group releases, along with the long-awaited return of Red Velvet.

The month was filled with immense talent, which made it impossible to pick just one song to have on repeat. Want to know which tracks we still can't stop listening to? Here are our top six K-pop tracks of November.


'Back Down' by P1Harmony

Six-member boy group P1Harmony continues to impress with each new comeback. This EDM and hip-hop-inspired track is the perfect blend of catchy yet meaningful lyrics. It's the perfect fit for a TikTok challenge, while also being a nice song for the more lyrically-focused fan looking for a confidence boost. We can't wait to catch "Back Down" and the rest of P1Harmony's hits on their tour next year.


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'Keep Me Up' by B.I

Since starting his solo career, B.I has continuously shown his versatility. His talents shine whether he's spitting lines on a rap-heavy track or leaning into the more sensual vibe of a track like "Keep Me Up." This song is definitely dance-worthy, making us eager to hear his next release.


'Back In Vogue' by AleXa

With the number of switches AleXa brings throughout "Back in Vogue," it's almost as if she's one full super group in her own right. The register changes, brief rap verse and interlude show just how talented she is. We truly believe she deserves more praise, and the track is proof of just that.


'The One' by DRIPPIN

Giving us real 2000s rock punk vibes, DRIPPIN delivered an effortless bop with "The One." Even with a more rock vibe, the vocals shine strongly in this song—and just when we think that's all we're in for, we're transported to a rap breakdown and music reminiscent of a video game. We love to see it.


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'Birthday' by Red Velvet

Out of all the songs named "Birthday" in the K-pop world, this has to be one of our favorites. If there's one thing Red Velvet always knows how to do, it's serving vocals and comebacks with a bang. This comeback was well worth the wait, and "Birthday" just might be one of our favorite Red Velvet title tracks to date.


'Virus' by VICTON

"Virus" is the perfect example of a song that had us hooked from first listen. It has a unique structure with its rap verse almost a minute in that includes a change from vocals back to rap within the first minute and 30 seconds, proving to be both impressive and unique, just like VICTON as a whole. And we can't forget to mention the amazing chorus.


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