The Best 6 K-Pop Tracks of October 2022 Featuring Stray Kids, TEN, LE SSERAFIM and More

With fall in full swing, spooky season brought K-pop favorites like Stray Kids and TEN back on our playlists while also giving us some lesser-known groups to vibe to.

We feel like each month shows just how versatile K-pop keeps getting, and October was no different. That being said, we were thoroughly entertained in our second month in the fall by several K-pop tracks, which is why we couldn't choose just one song to represent the month. Curious about what we loved most? Here are our top six K-pop tracks of October.

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'CASE 143' by Stray Kids

Stray Kids are consistently releasing music with a unique sound, and their latest song, "Case 143," was no different. Its beat switch-up from hip-hop to Latin-esque is done so effortlessly and highlighted by the members' powerful raps and smooth vocals. All in all, it adds up to yet another catchy and unforgettable song from the group.


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'Birthday' by TEN

NCT and WayV's TEN has some of the cleanest vocals in the K-pop industry. His latest solo track, "Birthday," only further proves our point and is a beautiful representation of his raw vocal talent. It also helps that the music video highlights his equally as talented dancing skills. We stan!


'Sugarcoat' by AB6IX

AB6IX released an absolute bop with their latest song, "Sugarcoat." Their use of their higher register while singing "I got the mood tonight" and the lines that follow are impressive as well as soothing. The song remains sultry and warm all throughout, which we absolutely love.


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LE SSERAFIM have outdone themselves with this song, and we know we're not alone in thinking it. The song and accompanying music video are still trending in the 30s on the YouTube global music charts, and for good reason. We find ourselves singing "antifragile" randomly throughout the day, which tells you we've definitely been keeping the song on repeat.


'What If Love' by UP10TION

UP10TION gave us a hardcore banger that showcased all-around talent from each group member in the form of new track "What If Love." The outro bridge and rap are truly something special, leading into the dance-worthy return of the "what if love" chorus.


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'VISION' by Dreamcatcher

"VISION" has instantly become one of our all-time favorite songs by Dreamcatcher. Its rock vibes were perfect for the spooky season and illustrated the group's balance between their soft and hard styles. We can't wait to see what comes next for them.


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