Cast members from the hit Nickelodeon shows iCarly and Victorious by Dan Schneider reunited in an hour-long Sam & Cat special this weekend called The Killer Tuna Jump!The Killer Tuna Jump

In the latest episode of Sam & Cat, Victorious stars Liz Gillies and Matt Bennett reprised their roles as Jade West and Robbie Shapiro, and iCarly alum Nathan Kress returned as Freddie Benson, rejoining their former co-stars Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy!

When Cat’s friend Jade shows up on the scene, Cat devises a plan to keep her roommate Sam from ever meeting her. She fears their personalities are too similar and that if the two ever met they’d tear each other apart.

Instead, Sam and Jade become fast friends. They bond so closely that eventually Cat feels left out. Cat calls Sam’s friend and ex-boyfriend, Freddie, with a plan to make Jade and Sam jealous.

When Sam figures out Cat’s plan, Jade helps her get in touch with Cat’s old friend Robbie in order to make Cat jealous!

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