The Perfect Gifts for The Lord of the Rings Fans

Know someone who can't stop quoting their favorite J.R.R. Tolkien novel or who keeps trying to convince you to watch The Rings of Power on Prime?

If so, you're far from alone. Whether you consider yourself a fellow fan or not, The Lord of the Rings fans are everywhere. While you probably can't get your hands on the "one ring to rule them all" when you need to buy them a gift, you can get them one of the items from our list of the perfect gifts for Lord of the Rings fans. Let's start off with:

This Limited Edition Legolas Silver Coin: $99

For any fan who can't stop calling Legolas their dream man, this pure silver coin makes for the absolute perfect gift. It's a limited edition piece from The Lord of the Rings Chibi Coin series, and it definitely deserves a place in your fan's home.

Sideshow Legolas coin

(via Sideshow)


These Tubbz Lord of the Rings Rubber Ducks: $18+

Adorable? Check. Available in tons of different characters? Double check. These rubber ducky versions of LOTR characters couldn't be cuter if they tried, making them a great addition to your gifting.

lord of the rings tubbz rubber duckies

(via Just Geek)


This LOTR Monopoly Game: $40.66

Monopoly has never been more of an adventure than with this Lord of the Rings version, which even allows players to use pieces that include the original Fellowship characters and the Ring itself.

the lord of the rings monopoly

(via Amazon)


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This Personalized Elvish Name Necklace: $38.70

If the person you're shopping for has low-key always wished that they were actually an Elf from the Tolkien universe, there's simply no better gift than a personalized name necklace from Etsy.

Etsy bejewelike custom elvish necklace

(via bewelike/Etsy)


This Rivendell-Scented Candle: $20

Transport the fan you know straight to Rivendell (with their sense of smell anyway) with this soy candle.

menel27 etsy rivendell scented candle

(via Menel27/Etsy)

These Decorative Bookends: $40

Looking for more of an "if you know, you know" kind of gift? These bookends from Amazon are the perfect find, as they feature the Argonath statues famously seen in the films (not to mention, they're perfect for keeping anyone's most precious books well protected).

the lord of the rings argonath bookends

(via Amazon)


This Sweet-as-a-Hobbit Keychain: $13

Do you love a Lord of the Rings fan like a Hobbit loves second breakfast? This keychain from Amazon will tell them exactly that.

ekodnus hobbit second breakfast keyring

(via Amazon)


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These Affordable Wooden Coasters: $5.20+

If their coffee table is as precious as the One Ring itself, keep it protected with these gorgeous wooden coasters. Buy them just one for less than $6 or get them the whole set of six for$20 more—the choice belongs to you alone.

the lord of the rings wooden coasters

(via PortoDesign/Etsy)


This Iconic 2000-Piece The Two Towers Puzzle: $39.99

Any Lord of the Rings fan will love the incredible art for this puzzle from Ravensburger, bringing together all of The Two Towers' most memorable moments and characters—and the fact it has 2000 pieces will keep its recipient busy for a while

Ravensburger The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Puzzle

(via Amazon)

Now get shopping and prepare to be the gift-giver to rule them all with the ideas you've found on our list of the perfect gifts for Lord of the Rings fans. If you're shopping for another kind of fantasy fan while you're at it, click HERE for the best Etsy gifts for Game of Thrones fans.