4 Little Things You Can Do to Get More Organized

If you're anything like us, getting organized is one of those items that seems to land on your list of New Year's resolutions just about every year—only for it to fall off by about February 1st.

And while starting a new set of resolutions may be months away, being organized in one way or another is wildly beneficial and definitely a habit you should try to get into early and keep up over time. Whether it's papers that are piling up in your backpack, a desk that acts more as a storage center than a study center, a walk-in closet that you can no longer walk into thanks to the mess or even a schedule that's simply gotten too difficult to stay on track of that you're dealing with, there's a never a bad time to get on top of it all.

If staying organized is something that you struggle with, the core problem to crack might be in how you start getting organized, to begin with. After all, you're way less likely to keep up with something if it's a habit that doesn't fit into your regular routine or realistically suits your lifestyle! With that said, it doesn't need to be difficult—in fact, we've laid out some little things you can do to get more organized right here.

1. Put Things Away as Soon as You're Done With Them

This one is so small that once you start doing it, you'll wonder why you ever chose to live in chaos before. No one likes washing a pile of massive day-old dishes or putting away laundry when you've been simply grabbing what you need straight from the dryer until it's time to do another load, but you can get organized easily by simply putting these things away as soon as you can. The same thing goes for throwing out all those cups in your car, by the way.


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2. Use Storage Containers

Think about it: there's a reason why fridges tend to have separate drawers/sections or why you always love having pockets in every outfit. Different containers are a game changer when it comes to staying organized (as long as you actually use them anyway), so it's worth picking up a few for any area that you might feel could use some help.


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3. Write Down Important Things

You know how you always think to yourself that you don't need to write something down because you'll definitely remember it, and then immediately forget what it is when the moment actually comes? There's an easy fix for that, and it's as small as just writing it down. Writing something down makes you more likely to remember it in general, but the real key is in keeping your note (whether it be a physical one or just in your phone) somewhere that you can actually see it.


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4. Find Joy in Getting Things Done

Okay, we know how weird it sounds to say that you should find joy in what is essentially doing your chores, but hear us out: mindfulness can change your whole mindset around organization and life in general. Being mindful and slowing down to take in the good in every moment (yes, even when you're washing the dishes or folding laundry) will help you stay inspired to stay organized. This works for non-chore things you need to do, too, whether it be packing for a trip or finally getting your next paper written. After all, it feels good to tick something off your to-do list, and you can thank your new organizational skills for that.


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At the end of the day, the key to getting more organized is in doing things that can become easy for you and fit easily into your day. If you need some extra tips, though, you can click HERE for our list of ways to stay organized during the back-to-school season.