As we grow older, we tend to mature.

We stop throwing temper tantrums whenever we don’t get our way. We are trusted to take care of ourselves if our parents aren’t home for whatever reason. And we eventually are seen as responsible enough to make our own decisions.

But there a handful of things that no one is immune to outgrowing. Scroll below to find out what they are!

Snuggling With Stuffed Animals

There’s something so comforting about cuddling with your favorite stuffed animal after a rough day. And while your parents will tell you that you’ll get over your love for these fluffy creatures, their appeal never loses its magic. Think about it, how many times have you tried to play a claw machine or a carnival game to win some adorable teddy bear? We’d guess you’ve done it a number of times. Why? Because stuffed animals are amazing.

Girl cuddling with a panda stuffed animal while using her phone

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Sleeping With Night Lights

The dark can be a terrifying thing, even to the bravest of souls. Sleeping with a night light isn’t something you should be ashamed of, no matter how old you are. Though you should definitely opt for a more “grown up” looking light rather than a cutesy one. We recommend getting your hands on a Himalayan salt lamp.

Child's tiger night light glowing in the dark

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Watching Disney Channel or Nickelodeon

Both Disney Channel and Nickelodeon produce some incredible shows and movies that you’ll never be able to stop watching no matter how old you get. There’s nothing wrong with being fond of this quality content.

Girl watching TV

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Ordering off the Kids’ Menu

For some reason, every restaurant’s kids menu has the best options. Who can resist ordering both mac and cheese and chicken nuggets? Um, no one. Kids menus just really know what’s up when it comes to delicious food, so go ahead and order off it. There’s no shame in doing so.

Face made with food for a kid to eat

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Taking Naps

We’ve all gotten to that age in life where we like to tell our parents we’re “too old” to take naps. Boy were we wrong! Naps are something that should be cherished and never taken for granted. Eventually we all realize this and resume taking naps, because they’re a necessity.

Girl taking a nap on her couch

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Making Pinky Promises

Sure, pinky promises are cute when you’re younger, but they get super serious as you grow older. If you break a pinky promise, prepare for your pinkies to be broken. Only kidding, but seriously don’t break them.

Two people making a pinky promise

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Playing on Playgrounds

Playgrounds will always be fun. Period. Slipping down a slide and seeing how quickly you can complete the monkey bars will always bring some much needed joy to your life at any age. The world can definitely use some more of them.

Kids playing on a playground while the sun is setting

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