5 Times You Should NEVER Ghost Someone

Getting ghosted by a person you like is the absolute worst.

You're left wondering where it all went wrong. Did you do something to upset them? Do they simply not like you? You may never find out, leading you to spend the rest of your life (okay, a few months) in a state of confusion. So, the next time you're in a position to do the ghosting, be considerate. Sure, there are times when it's totally excusable for you to go through with it. But TBH, most of the time you shouldn't.

Keep reading for the five times you should never ghost someone:


1. They Run in Your Same Close Circle of Friends

This is a given. If you know you're going to be at all the same parties, dinners and other social gatherings, don't even consider ghosting them. Not only will it be incredibly awkward when you show up at the same event in the months and years to come, but it makes you look bad. Chances are, they're telling the rest of your friends how you rudely ghosted them with no explanation. It's pretty hard to build up your good reputation after that. Instead, just suck it up and officially end things.

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2. You Go to School Together

Good luck trying to ghost someone who goes to your school. If you walk the same halls or even share a class or two, how do you expect to avoid them? It's pretty much impossible, so don't attempt to ghost this person. Instead, just let them know you're not really looking for a relationship ATM, but you'd like to remain friends. It's a cordial way to cut ties with them, and one that doesn't leave any bad blood.


3. A Friend Introduced the Two of You

When a mutual friend is how the two of you met, ghosting them isn't an option that should even cross your mind. It's incredibly rude to cut someone off when a friend of yours introduced you. Chances are, your friend will ask how it's going, and when you tell them you actually ghosted them, it makes your friend look bad to the person you ghosted. You feel? Instead, just have a candid convo and let the person you've been set up with know you're not really into it.

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4. You Already Have a Date Planned

If you already have a date scheduled, how, exactly, do you plan on ghosting them? Do you just not show up, leaving them alone and embarrassed? Of course not. Put yourself in their position—that's the last thing you'd want to happen to you. The best course of action would be to go on the date as planned, bring up the topic of cutting ties right away, and then leave. This way, you won't feel tense or anxious during what they think is a normal date.


5. You've Defined the Relationship

When you DTR with someone, with it comes a set of unspoken rules. One of those rules is that if you decide you want to break up, you don't leave them high and dry with no excuse. We can't imagine what sort of monster would do this to someone, assuming they've been treated with the utmost respect. What you should do, instead, is have a face-to-face breakup convo with them. In the end, it's way easier than ghosting, since your phone won't be blowing up with messages like, "You alive?"

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