All the Best Foods and Drinks We Tried in March 2023

We couldn't be happier than spring has finally sprung—and with it comes the chance to try all kinds of fabulous new treats.

In March, the up-and-down weather gave the chance to try a little bit of everything, from new warming new soups to decadently creamy ice creams, cooling drinks, fiery hot sauces and everything in between. Curious about the foods and drinks we loved most in March? Keep scrolling to discover your new favorites.

Happy Grub

Love pancakes and waffles, but not all of the measuring, mixing and clean-up involved in the process? Happy Grub takes the mess and the hassle out of the process with their squeezable bottles of instant pancake mix. Just add a cup of cool water to the bottle and shake well to get fast batter before adding to a hot skillet (or waffle iron), resulting in perfectly mixed, delicious pancakes. We tried the brand's Yummy Banana flavor, with just the right amount of tropical sweetness. The squeeze bottle also makes it effortless to make "spaghetti pancakes," or thin strings of spaghetti that you can cook up and top with syrup and powdered sugar. Once mixed, the batter can also be stored in the fridge for up to three days, and while we did find the bottle tougher to squeeze once it had hardened a bit, the taste remained just as scrumptious.

Happy Grub squeezable instant pancake mix

(via Happy Grub)


18 Chestnuts

If you're looking for a better-for-you soup option that isn't packed with all of the calories, fat and sodium you'll find in canned soups, 18 Chestnuts has you covered. The brand specializes in rich and flavorful jarred, plant-based soups, which use only the best non-GMO ingredients and are packed with fresh, natural nutrition thanks to all of the veggies inside. These flavors are truly gourmet, between the Red Pepper Pomodoro soup, offering a sweeter, smoother take on the nostalgia of classic tomato soup, to the savory nuttiness of the Butternut Squash Pear Soup, the umami goodness of the Mountain Mushroom and cozy warmth of the Southern Succotash.

18 Chestnuts gourmet soup

(via 18 Chestnuts)


Alec's Ice Cream

With so many ice cream brands out there competing for our attention, it's rare that a brand truly stands out from the rest, but Alec's Ice Cream is something very special. For us, it really starts with the flavor and texture, and Alec's absolutely nails it with their dreamily soft and scoopable ice cream, boasting sweet, beautifully balanced and decadent flavors in every container—but what Alec's does behind the scenes might be ever more impressive. First off, their use of unique, regenerative ingredients means their cane sugar is carbon-neutral and their 100% grass-fed dairy is certified regenerative, making the brand super climate-friendly. Second, their milk comes exclusively from A2 dairy cows, meaning they lack the protein mutation that causes many milk sensitivities, resulting in gut-healthy ice cream. We can eat a whole tub with no tummy complaints, so they must be doing something right!

Alecs Ice Cream

(via Alec's Ice Cream)



Sanzo is notable for being the first Asian-inspired sparkling water brand, and while we've adored them for years, they just got even better with the addition of the Pomelo flavor. Pomelo is a Southeast Asian relative of the grapefruit, with sweeter notes and thick, juicy pulp that pops in your mouth, and as the blend is flavored with only real fruit juice and zero added sugar, they've captured its blend of bitter and zesty flavors to perfection in every can. It's tart, refreshing and delicious, making it the ideal springtime sip as the weather warms.

Sanzo pomelo flavor

(via Sanzo)


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How have we lived our whole lives without eating bings? These classic Chinese flatbreads date back centuries, often stuffed with a tasty filling. Now, beloved chef Ming Tsai is bringing them to the masses, with a twist, in the form of MingBings. MingBings blend iconic Western dishes with Eastern tradition, putting a vegan spin on cheeseburgers, breakfast bowls and Mexican classics before encasing them in a crispy brown rice wrapper, with the tasty crunch of an egg roll. They come frozen but crisp to perfection in the air fryer or oven in just 15 minutes, creating great hand-held snacks that also nourish the body. Our favorites have to be the Breakfast Bings, with plant-based egg and cheese, plus other fillings, for an on-the-go meal made even better with taco sauce.

MingsBings taco and cheeseburger bings

(via MingsBings)


Alter Eco

We fell in love with chocolate brand Alter Eco last year thanks to their decadently rich truffle bars (and the fact that they utilize Earth-friendly regenerative agriculture), and the brand just got even better with three new dreamy Truffle Thins flavors. It's tough to pick a favorite between the buttery Crème Brûlée, freshly tart Raspberry Crème and the classic citrusy flavor combination in Orange Crème, with their rich melty centers—and lucky for us, we don't have to.

alter eco truffle things

(via Alter Eco)



Some hot sauce brands are all about heat, lacking real flavor, but Pisqueya isn't one of them. Their all-natural sauces come from Dominican family recipes passed through generations, using mountain-sourced peppers from the Dominican Republic that have kick as well as complexity. The Smoky Hot flavor is rich and tart with just the right amount of spice, while their Spicy-Sweet flavor uses real passion fruit for a tropical sweetness with real bite. Our favorite, though, has to be the well-rounded Medium Buzz sauce, with a classic tangy green jalapenõ flavor that goes with just about everything.

Pisqueya hot sauces

(via Pisqueya )


Chamberlain Coffee x OSMO Salt

Who knew that coffee and salt were a match made in heaven? Premium salt brand OSMO recently teamed up with Chamberlain Coffee for a new collab featuring signature coffee salts, and you truly have to taste them to believe the profound impact they have on coffee. The coffee-enhancing salts come in Caramel, Cinnamon Bun and Hazelnut flavors, and just a dash seems to magically remove any harsh bitterness from black coffee, with only a hint of salty flavor and a well-rounded sweetness. And if you're like us and prefer coffee with both cream and sweetener, these salts further heighten the coffee-drinking experience, mellowing the coffee even more and really making their unique flavors pop.

Chamberlain Coffee x OSMO Salt three flavors

(via Chamberlain Coffee x OSMO Salt)


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It feels like it's harder than ever these days to find sweetener brands that use real, organic ingredients, but Daysie is something truly special. They specialize in organic simple syrups, blending real cane sugar with water and wildflower honey for delicious, preservative-free sweetness perfect for coffee, teas, mixed drinks and more. While their Madagascar Vanilla is perfectly simple, the Coconut Almond flavor is nutty and tropical with zero artificial ick, and the touch of real sea salt in the Salted Caramel flavor elevates its rich, buttery flavor. Plus, a portion of all profits goes to provide grants to women business owners, so supporting Daysie supports women all over.

Daysie simple syrup

(via Daysie)


Hershey's Milklicious Kisses

We've never met a filled Hershey's Kiss we didn't like, and their new Milklicious flavor is no exception. These classic candies take the traditional milk chocolate delight and stuff them with a smooth, dreamy chocolate milk-flavored center to take the treat to the next level. If anything, they're almost too easy to eat, and once we peel the foil off our first Kiss, another handful is sure to follow.

Hersheys Milklicious Kisses

(via Hersheyland)



Hibiscus is a uniquely delicious flower, with the tea made from its dried petals (also known as jamaica0 giving off a cranberry-like tartness with a floral twist. There's a good reason its flavor is beloved all over the world, and Ruby makes it even better with tasty, functional hibiscus sodas. In March, they added two new flavors to the lineup—Sparkling Hibiscus Berry Cherry and Sparkling Hibiscus Fuji Apple—using zero artificial additives, preservatives or sweeteners to create refreshing beverages with sweetness and tartness balanced in perfect harmony. The Sparkling Hibiscus Fuji Apple gives us yummy sparkling cider vibes, while the Sparkling Hibiscus Berry Cherry's fruity freshness comes through in every sip. Even better, the drinks are positively packed with natural hibiscus antioxidants.

ruby sparkling hibiscus drinks

(via Ruby)


Rob's Backstage Popcorn

If you've been seeing the Jonas Brothers plastered all over standees for Rob's Backstage Popcorn at your local grocer but haven't bought a bag yet, let us tell you that it is time. The brand was created in collaboration between the band and Rob Garbowsky (the dad of one of their closest friends) after they fell in love with his popcorn recipe and made it a backstage staple. After one bite, we understood why. The Original Sweet & Salty flavor is the perfect fusion between salty, buttery movie popcorn and sweet kettle corn, with an irresistible "secret seasoning," while the Kelly's Classic BBQ flavor made in collaboration with Kelly Clarkson, is infused with a savory, smokey boldness. The most recent addition to the lineup is Priyanka's Mumbai Nights, developed with Nick Jonas's wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, to include real Indian spices for an unforgettable kick that flawlessly complements the sweetness of the brand.

Robs Backstage Popcorn with Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

(via Rob's Backstage Popcorn)


For Wellness

For Wellness is an innovative brand that infuses good-for-you ingredients into their supplements to add to coffee for both great flavor and great benefits, and their latest product, The Good Stuff Focus, is an excellent place to start with the brand. Not only does it taste like chocolate, turning your coffee into a superpowered mocha, but its blend of bovine collagen, medium chain triglycerides, L-theanine, cinnamon and more are designed to stimulate brain function and mental clarity, as well as keep your mood boosted all day long. We seriously feel great all day after drinking it, without the mid-afternoon crashes we often can experience otherwise.

for wellness the good stuff

(via For Wellness)



We've always loved vitaminwater in all of its tasty, colorful flavors and nutrient-packed formulations, and their two new zero-sugar flavors may be some of their most unusual yet. Firstly, there's the coconut-lime forever you, with a beachy flavor that's perfect for warmer weather and with anti-inflammatory curcumin as well as energy-boosting vitamins B3, B6, B6 and B12. Our favorite, though, has to be with love, with an unexpected raspberry dark chocolate flavor. The chocolate is delicate, evoking the taste of a dreamy chocolate-dipped berry more than a bite of chocolate itself, but we're in love—especially with the addition of magnesium to support heart health and help us adapt to the time change. vitaminwater zero sugar with love forever you

(via vitaminwater)


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CHi Foods

While plant-based "meats" can be hit-or-miss, we've found that plant-based chorizo is reliably delicious, and we haven't had any better than the plant-based options from CHi Foods. Unlike the competition, CHi Foods uses no what, pea or soy protein, no modified food starch, no magnesium carbonate and no artificial colors of dyes—and that's just the beginning. Their whole-ingredient, plant-based options offer loads of meaty flavor with lots of protein packed in, so whether you're adding their Italian Herb flavor to pastas, their Maple Sage to your favorite breakfast bowl or making burritos and tacos with their Original Ground Pork and CHi-rizo, you can count on great texture and flavor every time. While they arrive frozen, they can stay in the fridge for up to two weeks before cooking, which we suggest for easy cooking and the perfect texture.

chi foods plant based pork products

(via CHi Foods)



ALOHA is an award-winning, employee-owned B Corp that makes plant-based protein bars, shakes and powders, and they're putting their mission front and center with the release of their new special edition The Kona Bar. The new bar is made with 100% Kona-grown coffee and Hawaiian-grown macadamia nuts, also using Terviva's sustainable plant-based Ponova oil made from O'ahu's pongamia trees. Each bar is packed with 14 grams of plant-based protein, fueling the body without lots of sugar, and we love that they taste fantastic, with a chewy texture and sweet, nutty flavor complete with chocolate chips. Even more, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Kupu, a Hawaiian nonprofit investing in Hawaiian youth.

aloha the kona bar protein bar

(via ALOHA)


Cookie Pop, Candy Pop and Cereal Pop

There's something about sweet popcorn we just can't resist, and with Cookie Pop, Candy Pop and Cereal Pop, all of our favorite iconic treats join forces with popcorn to create something greater than the sum of their parts. Candy fans can enjoy Candy Pop in M&M's Minis, Snickers, Twix and even Sour Patch Kids flavors, while cookie enthusiasts can snack on Nutter Butter, Oreo and Chips Ahoy! Varieties of Cookie Pop. Our favorite addition to the lineup, however, might be the new Cereal Pop and their new Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles flavors, giving us Saturday morning nostalgia. We're not saying you should be eating popcorn for breakfast—but we're not saying you shouldn't either.

Cereal Pop popcorn fruity pebbles and cocoa pebbles popcorn

(via Cereal Pop)


Penne Straws

As pasta enthusiasts, we were very excited to try Penne Straws, and they've fully lived up to our expectations. With their ridged tube shape, they're reminiscent of classic penne, but made with a blend of lentils and white beans to create a low-calorie, gluten-free chip with a satisfying crunch. Most of the delicious flavors are also inspired by pasta dishes, from Mac & Cheese to Lemon Garlic, Marinara and Sweet Pepper, while sweet tooth will love the Cinnamon Churro variety.

Penne Straws marinara flavor

(via Penne Straws)



Chomps are anything but your average beef stick. Each 100-calorie stick is made from grass-fed beef, with no hormones or antibiotics, while packing 10 grams of protein, and even though they have zero sugar, they're not lacking when it comes to taste. We got to try their two latest flavors, the Habanero Beef, which dials the heat way up, and the Taco Beef, with a familiar and super snackable taco seasoning flavor that'll make you want to hit up your local Mexican food joint.

chomps beef sticks

(via Chomps)


Herd & Grace

Want to try the highest quality, premium Australian steaks, without even having to leave your home? Herd & Grace is a new subscription service making that possible by offering restaurant-quality beef and delivering it frozen, straight to your door. We've had the pleasure of tasting the offerings in their sold-out Barley Beef Box, featuring seven hand-selected cuts from South Australia, and it's going to be hard to ever go back. The box includes barley-fed Angus cowboy steaks and Angus T-bone steaks from Pure Black Beef, as well as free-range barley New York steaks and porterhouse steaks from Wanderer Beef, making for some of the most tender and flavorful steaks we've ever had. We turned to Gordon Ramsey and some of our other favorite chefs for techniques before we even dared to cook them, because preparing them without the utmost care would be criminal.

herd and grace barley beef box

(via Herd & Grace)


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Love Liv

Think you can't enjoy cookies just because you're diabetic? Think again. Love Liv Bakeshop is a low-sugar bakeshop created by founder Sarah Beddoe and inspired by her daughter, Liv, and their experience fighting type 1 diabetes together. Just because they don't have a lot of sugar doesn't mean they're not delectable, and the brand features Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle to Sugar Cookie and Peanut Butter Magic flavors—all gluten-free, sugar-free and with zero sugar added. We love the thick, almost cake-like cookies and how the way they recreate the classics, no sugar needed.

love liv bakeshop cookies

(via Love Liv)



You have to love a sweet treat that wiggles, and Dole delivers in the form of their new Dole Wiggles Fruit Juice Gels. They're made with 100% fruit juice, with no added sugar or artificial flavors, making them superior to similar gel treats—especially as they're also packed with vitamin C. They come in strawberry, orange and cherry flavors in convenient portable cups, and while they're awesome for lunches, we love them best out of the freezer for a sorbet-like texture, making them feel extra decadent.

dole fruit juice wiggles

(via Dole)


Real Food From The Ground Up

Real Food From The Group Up harnesses the power of cauliflower in their tortilla chips and stalks, resulting in extra-crunchy, extra-satisfying snacks with fewer calories than the competition. They're gluten-free and vegan certified, with fantastic textures and zero vegetable aftertaste. We'll just have to warn you it's all too easy to eat a whole bag of the tortilla chips in one sitting if you've got a tasty dip at hand.

real food from the ground up snacks

(via Real Food From The Ground Up)



YOU NEED THIS is another good-for-you yet addictive snack brand offering tortilla chips, veggie straws and churro puffs. Everything in their lineup is gluten-free and vegan, as well as corn-free and rice-free—but you'd never know it by tasting them. They stand out by being as good as the competition, without any of the junk, so you never have to feel guilty about snacking.

toy need this chips and straws



Malu Coffee

There's nothing quite like the pour-over method for brewing coffee. The ritual doesn't require a coffee machine and it's simple and convenient, while creating rich, bold flavors you simply don't get with other methods. The problem is that everything from grinding and storing beans to using the right filters and drippers can get quite complex—and that's where Malu Coffee comes in. The process is as simple as opening the filter and hanging it on a cup before pouring your hot water (four to five times) before removing, and the taste is out of this world. Their grounds are nitro-sealed for peak freshness and flavor, making you feel like a barista every morning—and we happen to think that makes the coffee taste even better.

 malu pour over coffee

(via Malu)


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Tally Foods

As we've fully embraced plant-based milks, we were starting to think we'd tried them all, but Tally Foods proved us wrong with their delicious new chickpea milk. They're actually the first and only chickpea-based milk brand in the U.S., with a creamy, sugar-free formula containing 21 vitamins and minerals in every serving. Their Original is absolutely delicious as a creamer for coffee, while their Chocolate milk will make you feel like a kid again—even with its less sweet, no-sugar-added recipe.

(via Tally Foods)



Health-Ade is one of our go-to kombucha brands, with loads of living probiotics and natural antioxidants and some of the best flavors on the market—and they're even better now that they come in convenient cans. The drinks are flavored with real cold-pressed juice, so you really can't miss whether you sip on their Pink Lady Apple, Ginger Lemon, Passion Fruit-Tangerine or Pomegranate flavors. They have the perfect balance of sweetness and tang, and not the harsh, vinegary bite that might turn you away from the types of kombucha.

(via Health-Ade)


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