11 Types of Girls On TikTok You Can Expect To See On Your Feed

TikTok isn't just a place to get makeup inspo and food recipes—it's also full of some incredible aesthetics.

There are certain "types" of girls that you can expect to see on TikTok, and each one has its very own unique and distinct aesthetic. Not sure which one you are, or which ones are even out there? Look below for the 11 types of girls on TikTok.

1. That Girl

That Girl is probably the most popular type of girl on TikTok at the moment. She journals, wakes up early, loves matcha and is all about health and wellness.


2. Clean Girl

Clean Girl is the girl a lot of us aspire to be. Her hair always looks impeccable and sleek, her makeup looks flawless, her home is always in tip-top shape and she eats whole foods.


3. Messy Girl

Messy Girl is the quite literal opposite of Clean Girl in some ways. Her hair is always in a messy bun, her makeup is still on from last night, her clothes are in a pile in her room and she loves to eat junk food.


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4. VSCO Girl

VSCO Girl loves the environment and can always help you edit a picture for your feed. She carries around a mini Polaroid camera with her everywhere she goes and loves things like scrunchies, reusable water bottles and fabric bracelets.


5. E-Girl

E-Girl is the modern-day version of a Tumblr Girl and she loves to keep everyone on their toes with her aesthetic. One day her hair will be pink and the next it will be black! She loves anime, oversized tees and has a huge collection of Vans shoes.


6. Y2K Girl

Y2K Girl is obsessed with all things early 2000s. She loves baby tees, quotes early 2000s movies all of the time, is a sucker for butterfly clips and gives off a Bella Hadid type of vibe. She's bound to be wearing a matching velour jumpsuit with Uggs!


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7. Cottage Core Girl

Cottage Core Girl is one of the newest types of girls seen on TikTok and is heavily influenced by Taylor Swift. This girl loves folksy music, puff sleeves, flowy dresses and grabbing veggies straight from her garden. She pretty much always has a book and cup of tea at the ready!


8. Academia Girl

Academia Girl is actually split into two types—Light Academia Girl and Dark Academia Girl They're basically the same type except for one dresses in light colors and the other dresses in dark colors! She loves to visit museums and bookstores and wishes she lived in a romantic city in France.


9. Baddie Girl

Baddie Girl is all about her looks and hits the gym almost every single day—and she'll snap a pic to let everyone know she's there! Her outfits are super trendy and she's never seen without a fresh mani. She tries to come across as DGAF, but she actually tried to fit in really hard.


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10. Plant Mom Girl

Plant Mom Girl is exactly as she sounds—someone obsessed with her plants! Pretty much every single square inch of her home is covered in greenery and she's gotten really into the green thumb side of herself. She loves to hit up plant nurseries and gives things like basil or mini cacti as gifts to friends.


11. Art Girl

Art Girl is as artsy as they come. Whether she doodles, is a graphic designer or uses her passion for art in some other way, you can expect art to be at the center of her life. She might have a few mysterious tattoos and will beg you to attend art gallery openings with her.


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