Throw Your Most Epic Summer Sleepover Yet!

Summer vacation is the perfect time to throw your most extravagant sleepover yet.

It's time to break out the movies, popcorn and dessert recipes you've been craving but didn't have time to make during the school year. Now that you've got all the time in the world, we put together the ultimate guide to help you and your squad throw the sleepover you've been dreaming about your whole life. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Build a Blanket Fort

There's never going to be a time when blanket forts aren't amazing. Build one complete with lights, pillows and blankets. This will be the fortress for activities the rest of the night.

Blanket fort with lights

(via @lazada_my)

2. Make Your Own Pizza

Ordering a pizza is so last season. DIY your own pizza of epic proportions using this guide HERE. They require a bit of cooking, so you might need a little help from your parents, but a small price to pay for the amount of deliciousness you're going to experience.

DIY pizza from Food Network

(via Food Network)


3. Watch Sleepover-Essential Movies

If you're going to throw a crazy awesome slumber party, movies should be your number one priority. There are so many great ones out there, but you need to view our list of the absolute best. From The Princess Diaries to The Fault in Our Stars, these are 100% sleepover material.

Three girls watching a movie and eating pizza at a sleepover
(Photo Credit: Syda Productions via Shutterstock)


4. DIY Gold Peel-Off Face Mask

We've given you some pretty solid face mask recipes in the past, but this one is on another level. Like the true royals you are, slather your skin in the finest gold the world has to offer. Okay, you can buy it reasonably priced on Amazon, but you get the point. It revives your skin and (just so ya know, it's also completely edible afterward–not that you'd want to go there). Watch the tutorial below.


5. DIY Dail Polish

If  you're like us and always wonder how easy or difficult it is to make nail polish, look no further. This tutorial shows you how to make some very cute and inexpensive nail polish all on your own. Only a few shades of eyeshadow and some clear coats are required and everyone can make their own color!


6. Chalk Dye Your Hair

Yes, you read that right. Hair chalk is all the rage RN and we can totally see why. If you've ever wanted to make some colorful changes to your hair temporarily, this is the perfect solution. All you'll need is water, chalk and a flat iron and you're well on your way to becoming the ultimate rainbow queen. It's a fairly quick process, so everyone can do as many colors as they want. See the how-to below.


7. Make Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

Sweet treats are also a necessary part of the slumber party formula–you really can't throw one without them. You might as well smother your popcorn in chocolate and caramel because at this point you need to go all out.  Find the full recipe HERE.

Chocolate caramel popcorn

(via All Recipes)


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