What Your Favorite Makeup Product Reveals About You

Everyone has a favorite makeup product.

It could be mascara, foundation, highlighter or something else. Whatever it is, you might be surprised to know that your go-to beauty item sheds some major insight on the type of person you are.

Scroll below to discover what your fave makeup product reveals about you!


People who love foundation are without a doubt the most reliable and responsible people you will meet. You can always count on them to keep a promise they make, so don't ever doubt them. They're that friend who's there for you in your time of need, offering sage advice and a shoulder to cry on.



Concealer-lovers are total perfectionists. They have incredibly high standards that they and everyone else must uphold at all times. They accept nothing less than flawlessness in everything they do, which makes them a little high maintenance. At least they're pretty good at sugarcoating their words to not upset anyone.



Anyone who's a fan of blush is obviously a hopeless romantic. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, even though they know people can take advantage of their sweet disposition. You'll rarely ever find these people brokenhearted for long, especially because they're always in a relationship.


Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is a fave among those who are pretty casual and laid-back. They have an easygoing nature and live well within their means. You won't find them spending lavishly on items they'll only use once or never at all.

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These people are bold and fierce. They're always down to try something new and are known for being a bit flirty. Needless to say, they let their lips do all the talking. Lipstick-lovers don't like staying in the same place for long, so they're definitely prone to commitment issues. They just want it all.



People who never leave the house without mascara are incredibly loyal. Chances are they've been using the same brand of mascara since the dawn of time. You can always count on a mascara-lover to defend you whenever they hear rumors about you.



Enthusiasts of this makeup product always stand out in a crowd. You would certainly never label them as dull or boring. They're definitely adventurous and are huge fans of traveling. They know there's a lot to see in this world, and they very well intend to see it all.



Anyone who favors eyeliner clearly has a flair for the dramatics. They likely dream of being in the entertainment industry one day. They express their emotions through their eyeliner, so you can easily figure out how they're feeling that day based on how they did to their lids.



Those who cherish their contour kits are known for their adaptability. Though they may not know how to do something, they're quick learners and rapidly become experts in the subject. They're the type of people who know a little bit about a lot of things.

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Devotees of highlighter have a bright, sunny disposition. They're never not without a smile on their face, because they always smile through even their darkest of times. They crave affection and will not tolerate anyone who doesn't treat them like royalty. Being the center of attention is definitely their thing.



Bronzer admirers are very humble human beings. While highlighter-lovers prefer being in the spotlight, these peeps would rather take a behind-the-scenes role. They don't seek validation from others, because they're pretty confident in who they are.


False Eyelashes

While most would assume fans of false eyelashes are emotional and theatrical, they actually are the total opposite. They're pretty closed off from the world, because they've been through a lot. Though they are strong, they protect themselves by keeping their secrets incredibly secret. Not even their closest friends know everything about them.


Lip Gloss

Lip gloss wearers are all sorts of fun. They seldom ever let anything get to them and are always the life of the party. They're known for being risk-takers and tend to lead more unconventional lifestyles. They don't want the same things everyone else does.


Setting Spray

People who love this product are obviously practical. They're always prepared for the worst and know just what to do when plans go haywire. They may worry a little too much about other people's lives, but it's only because they care.

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