What Does the 😇 Emoji Mean?

Is there any emoji that screams innocence better than the 😇 emoji?

What the 😇 smiling face with halo emoji means


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What 😇 Means

This angelic emoji, which features a closed-eyed and closed-mouthed smiling yellow face with a little blue halo on top, generally means "I'm innocent" or represents good behavior or deeds.

However, it can still be interpreted in a few different ways depending on the sender and the context. Sure, it could be that something is holy or that someone is sending you blessings, but in different contexts, it can be way more flirty.


😇 From a Guy

More often than not, guys use 😇 to flirt. It can suggest everything from a promise that they're on their best behavior, to hinting that they've been anything but good and they're showing off. If he's just said something slightly naughty, he might be using it to play innocent afterward.
It can be a sort of, "Who, me?"


😇 From a Girl

Girls don't use the 😇 to flirt quite as often as guys—but that doesn't mean it's not possible. From a girl, the emoji usually has the connotation of genuine innocence or being friendly to cozy up to someone.


😇 From a Friend

Without any romantic context, 😇 from a friend can often mean that someone feels blessed. A friend might use it to say that they feel lucky to have you in their life.


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