We're Crushin' Hard This Week On Our Talented #WCW Debby Ryan

She's a singer, an actress, a total style icon, and basically everything we want to be. We first fell in love with her as the adorable southern belle, Bailey Pickett, on the Disney Channel show The Suite Life on Deck, and then became full-on obsessed with her when she became the spunky/fun nanny, Jessie Prescott, on Disney's JessieHello, this woman is amazing! Do you see why we really didn't have a choice but to name her this week's Woman Crush Wednesday?!

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Full Name: Deborah Ann Ryan

Born In: Huntsville, Alabama

Raised In: Wiesbaden, Germany?? & Keller, Texas

Nickname: Technically Debby is a nickname!

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts: 

1. Debby's father was in the military so she moved around a lot when she was younger. When she was only seven, her family moved to Germany for three years and she learned to speak the language fluently! Who would have guessed she's bi-lingual ?!

2. In 2012, she formed the indie rock/folk band The Never Ending. And get this, in 2015, the band joined Fifth Harmony's Reflection: The Summer Tour. Ugh we wish we could have been there!

Debby Ryan and Fifth Harmony Hugging

(via J-14)

3. When Debby isn't acting or singing, she loveeees photography, drawing, and writing. She's just a creative girl?.

4. Debby has appeared on TONS of our fave Disney Channel shows like Austin & Ally, Girl Meets World, Good Luck Charlie, and Mighty Med!

Debby Ryan On Girl Meets World

(via Fanlala)

5. Debby is a girl who def loves to give back. She's been involved with Disney's Friends For Change, Chideo, and Kidz Expo. She's seriously got a ❤️ of gold!

Debby Ryan At Kidz Expo In Tennessee

(via DebbyRyan.com)

6. Did you know that Debby co-produced AND produced several episodes of Jessie?! She even directed four episodes of her own. That's just straight up awesome ?.

7. AND, finally, Debby Ryan is the queen of trying new and bold hair colors. Have you seen some of the looks she's tried out? Only she could pull this off!

Debby Ryan Instagram Green and Pink Hair

(via Instagram)


Any girl who gives back as much as Debby does is cool in our book. See how she helped out at the Children's Hospital of Orange County HERE.