Listening to YAZ’s new song “Anymore,” you’d never guess that it’s only her sophomore single—but the singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation is always full of surprises.

YAZ actually got her start on YouTube seven years ago, sharing skincare routines, makeup tutorials and haul videos, each infused with her unique perspective and irresistible personality, to amass nearly three-quarters of a million subscribers on the platform. Recently, though, she’s proven that she’s also a musical artist with unmatched talent with her debut single “Mr Valentine” being a smash hit. The follow-up, “Anymore,” is a complex track about missing someone who’s bad for you, and we got the chance to ask YAZ what inspired the track and its lyrics, and what it means to her.

The Story Behind ‘Anymore’

YAZ: The inspiration behind “Anymore” came from two different people. It’s about having conflicted feelings of missing someone but also remembering why you’re no longer friends. I started writing the song at this particular bus stop. It reminded me of all the times I had been there with that person and made me acknowledge the gap in my life where they used to be.


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What ‘Anymore’ Means

YAZ: “Anymore” is very special to me because it’s one of the first pieces of music I’m sharing with the world. The visuals perfectly capture what I had imagined, too, and so I hope anybody listening or watching truly enjoys it and goes back to the song for a good time.

YAZ in puffy jacket at convenience store

(Photo credit: Jakub Libicki)


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YAZ’s Favorite Lyric

YAZ: My favorite lyric from “Anymore” is the pre-chorus: “I’m standing in the street waiting by the bus stop where we used to meet.” I actually started writing the song at a bus stop and built the rest of the song around that one line. It embodies the exact moment and feeling the song is about.

YAZ puffy jacket on the bus

(Photo credit: Jakub Libicki)


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