You & I Fragrance By One Direction In New Teaser!

One Direction have released an amazing backstage video with a first look at their brand new You & I fragrance!

You & I Fragrance Backstage Ad One Direction

You & I will be the band's third fragrance, following up their Our Moment and That Moment perfumes.

The minute-and-a-half video released earlier this week teases the new fragrance!

This backstage video tells a short story as we see Louis Tomlinson in the makeup chair before he gives a good luck kiss to the bottle of You & I.

Harry Styles gets hold of the bottle next and passes it around backstage, giving crew members a spray of the fabulous new scent, before Niall seizes the fragrance bottle.

Niall takes it out into the venue as he rides around on a kick scooter, and glides out into the parking lot before passing it through the window of a vehicle to Liam, who is sitting inside.

Liam's interaction with the bottle reveals that the container is decorated with a removable ring! He takes the ring and pockets it before Zayn finally gets his turn with the bottle.

In an adorable ending segment, Zayn spritzes a stuffed rabbit with the scent before the band takes the stage!

As much as we love the new ad, we wish it would give us a hint to the You & I fragrance might smell like!

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