The 7 Types of People You'll Deal With at Every Job

In the working world, you meet all kinds of characters—no matter what kind of job it is you have.

Whether you work in retail, healthcare, in an office or even from home, you're likely going to find yourself having to deal with certain behaviors and types of people. No matter where it is you work, here are the types of people you can expect to encounter.

1. The Overachiever

Even if you work incredibly hard, this person just does things in a way that always seems to overshadow your own accomplishments. It's as if they have no sense of work-life balance, focusing all their time and energy on the work part so that your ability to separate your career from your personal life starts to seem like a bad thing (it's not). Don't let the overachievers get to you, you're doing great.


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2. The One Who's Only There Because They Need to Be

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the underachievers. These people only come to work because they need to, whether that be because their parents made them get a job (even though the parents are funding their whole life anyway) or because they just really need the money to buy themselves something. Don't expect this person to be willing to take on any shifts for you, is all we can say.


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3. The Teacher's Pet

Similar to the overachiever is the teacher's pet, who does whatever they can to gain a good reputation in the eyes of their boss. They'll laugh at all their manager's bad jokes and act extra excited about any project mentioned by the boss, doing nothing but annoying you in the process.


4. The One Who You're Shocked Passed the Interview Process

This person just seems…lost, to say the least. They don't seem to understand how to do their tasks or even what their job actually is, and you can all but forget about them actually remembering a deadline. This person will make you question the value of your job to begin with (because if they can get hired for the role, how hard can it actually be?).


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5. The One You've Literally Never Met

At some jobs, you'll hear so much about one particular coworker, but meanwhile, you'll have never actually met this person or even seen them in person. It feels more like an epic myth told by upper management and your coworkers who have worked there longer, like this person they all love must be made up because how else would you not have had at least one shift with them or worked together in some way by now?


6. The One Who Always Has Relationship Drama

Depending on the type of job you're in, you might not hear a lot about the relationships of your coworkers. But if you're in retail or another kind of role where you're surrounded by your coworkers at virtually all times, you're probably going to get earfuls of information you definitely didn't ask for. It's often about relationships, but at least you always have something to keep you engaged when waiting for all your favorite TV shows to begin a new season.


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7. The One You Actually Can't Wait to See Every Day

The term "work bestie" exists for a reason, and that reason is because of this person. This is the coworker who you love working with, and you may even start to hang out outside of work as well. Whether you send each other Slack or Teams messages during meetings or are always talking to them on your lunch breaks, this person makes going to work each day a little more enjoyable.


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And there you have it, a quick glimpse of the seven types of people you deal with at every job. But it doesn't end there, though, as you can click HERE to read more about the 7 types of friends you'll find in every friend group.