9 Fantastic Netflix Period Pieces Every Teen Needs to Watch

We all feel like escaping sometimes, and (for those of us who can't afford to book a spontaneous flight, anyway) there's no better way to do it than by submersing yourself into a brilliant film or television show. However, sometimes the change of scenery we crave involves more than just where the story is set—it can also be about when.

That's where period pieces come in, delighting our senses with the sights, sounds and sadistically tight corsets of a long-ago time. Humans have always had a craving for experiencing the past, but thankfully, the ones today don't have to search very far to get their fill—in fact, all they have to do is log into Netflix. Netflix has gifted us with a number of great period pieces that are a must-watch for every teen, and we've gone ahead and put them together into this list for easy access when you need to limit your options next movie night.

1. Bridgerton

As one of Netflix's most-watched shows ever, Bridgerton may be a bit of an obvious pick. That doesn't make it any less worthy of being included on this list, though, especially for teens who are finally old enough to watch it. Even if you already binged both seasons and are burning for the next to come out already, you might want to re-watch this Victorian-era masterpiece over again while preparing for the new spinoff to drop later this year.

bridgerton netflix

(Bridgerton via Netflix)


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2. Anne With an "E"

Based on the classic Anne of Green Gables, Anne With an "E" offers three whole seasons of 1890's goodness (and no, you don't need to have read the original novel to enjoy it). And with a PG-13 rating, it's perfect for teens of any age.

anne with an e netflix

(Anne With an "E" via Netflix)


3. Reign

If you're going to watch any of the titles on this list of period pieces that are perfect for teens, let it be Reign. Considering it comes from the channel that brought us such teen classics as The Vampire Diaries and the original Gossip Girl, it's no wonder why this show (set in Renaissance France and centering around a then-teenage Mary Queen of Scots) is a total winner and absolute fan favorite. While it may have been canceled before its time, you still have plenty of seasons of binge-worthy moments to devour thanks to Netflix.

(Reign via The CW)


4. Persuasion

This adaptation of one of Jane Austen's most well-known novels, Persuasion,  stars Dakota Johnson in the main role of a woman who gets a second chance at love with a man she was once persuaded not to marry. If you're not ready to commit to a full series, this flick is a good pick for you.

persuasion netflix

(Persuasion via Netflix)


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5. Enola Holmes

Both Enola Holmes movies on Netflix tick all the boxes for what makes a period piece great, whether you're watching it for the cast or for the laughs sprinkled throughout. It differs from your basic Sherlock Holmes period piece in that it's actually about his sister, played by Millie Bobby Brown. Sherlock (played by Henry Cavill, no less) is of course involved, but our main focus remains on the antics of Enola solving cases of her own.

enola holmes netflix

(Enola Holmes via Netflix)


6. Downton Abbey

Continuing with the theme of content set in England is the renowned Downton Abbey, which was beloved enough to have its own film air in theaters. It's one of those series that catches you subtly, as you'll have to focus on the dialogue to figure out what's going on with the poignant lives of both the rich estate-owning family and the servants who keep everything running.

downton abbey netflix

(Downton Abbey via ITV)


7. Medici: The Magnificent

If you're an art lover, a lover of Italian scenery or even just someone who really misses seeing Richard Madden in Game of Thrones, this politically-driven show about the Medici dynasty is for you. It's all about the visionary family that funded some of the greatest artists of all time, virtually controlling the Renaissance through their influence in Florence and beyond.

medici the magnificent netflix

(Medici: The Magnificent via Lux Vide)


8. The King's Affection

If you don't mind shows in a different language (subtitles exist, and they're great), The King's Affection, set during the Joseon dynasty might be the thing to switch it up from the other period pieces on this list. It shakes up the traditional gender-swap drama (think She's the Man or Mulan) when the hidden twin sister of a crown prince assumes his identity after his death. And don't worry, it's still packed with plenty of romance for those who need that to keep them watching.

the kings affection netflix

(The King's Affection via KBS)


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9. The Crown

Each season of Netflix'The Crown could be considered a separate period piece of its own, as it chronologically follows the real-life-inspired story of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. If you're a fan of anything relating to the royal family (or if you just really love a bit of drama and amazing accents), this one is an absolute must-watch.

the crown netflix

(The Crown via Netflix)


Now get the popcorn going and settle in for a delightful trip to the past with these period pieces that are perfect for teens. But, if you're craving something a little more action-packed, click HERE to check out our list of the best action movies on Netflix for teens.