I Discovered a Deep Truth About Myself After Getting My Aura Read for the First Time

Lately, I've been in a funk—I've been stressed, confused and not at all myself.

Not sure how to overcome this feeling, I approached my co-worker Ashley, who seems to be a pro at warding off negative energy and channeling good vibes.

Animated girl meditating and surrounded by color

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Ashley keeps her cool by meditating, using Himalayan salt lamps and taking care of her mind, body and soul.

In an effort to get on the right track, she encouraged me to visit Aura Shop, a store in Santa Monica, California, that we've visited before, which specializes in crystals, chakras and metaphysics.

In order to discover the root cause of my mood, I decided to have a photo of my aura taken to learn what kind of energy I've been vibrating.

Scroll below to see what the photo revealed and what I learned about myself through this process.

To begin the process, Kate Mitchell, the founder and owner of Aura Shop, sat me down and explained the basic definition of what an aura is and was about to happen.

According to Kate, essentially every living organism has an aura—an electromagnetic energy field surrounding them. The field vibrates at different frequencies and ultimately shows off your current state of being.

To measure my aura, Kate used something called an Aura Video Station—this system used the science of biofeedback, color and energy to measure the emotional-energetic state of my aura.

First, Kate took a headshot of me, and then she asked me to place my palm on a black sensor that would then measure my aura and match up with my photo.

Here's the photo that was given to me along with a pamphlet that explained generic info about my aura, chakra and meaning of the colors.

A picture of Brittney's Aura

At first glance, I didn't think much of this image. To me, it was clear that the most prevalent colors were violet, indigo and blue.

The pamphlet handed to me revealed that those with mostly violet auras are charismatic, futuristic, sensual, visionary and imaginative. But what did that really mean?

I asked Kate to take a look at my picture and give me some of her personal insight.

With just one glance, Kate said the thing that stood out to her was the indigo color on the far right side of my picture. The color on the right side represents the energy and qualities I express that are most likely seen and felt by others.

Kate explained, "This color represents your third eye energy, that means that you came in with your third eye pretty open. So, you're very intuitive—you have a sense of what is really going on."

To me, that made perfect sense. In general, I'm good at listening to my gut and following my heart.

Kate took another look at the picture and noted that my energy was very low. Sometimes people's auras fill up the entire picture and even stretch outside of it. Uh oh. What could this mean?

I immediately asked her to explain why my energy might be so low.

"The reason your energy is low," Kate explained, "is because you're giving more energy outside of yourself than to you. Basically, there's an imbalance in your field right now and not enough self-love. You could be feeling this way because of a person, it could be because of a job or it could be many different things. But your energy somehow or another is going out."

That moment was a total epiphany for me—I had been feeling drained, like I was pouring myself out and not getting anything in return. Between my job, my relationships and everything else going on in life, I haven't been taking care of the person I should be tending to: me!

I thanked Kate for her guidance, and asked her what I could do to fix the problem.

She recommended I get back on track by picking up a crystal or two. To begin, she suggested I start with rose quartz, a good stone for someone struggling with self-love. 

I scoured through her collection and picked out the following two—one heart-shaped stone to carry in my pocket, and one pocket-sized stone that I could put in my purse.

Rose quartz

I walked out of the store that day feeling a lot better than I had in a few weeks. Why? Because I finally acknowledged the problem that had been causing me so much strife.

What Kate taught me was that if I don't love and take care of myself, I won't be able to love anything else out there in the universe—an invaluable lesson that I'll carry with me for years to come.

So, what's my next step?

I need to pull back some of the energy I'm giving to other people and things in my life, and, for once, totally focus on me.

I'm so grateful for this experience and what I've learned from simply taking a peek at my aura. Thanks to my reading, I know that self-love will be my next phase of personal development.

I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to start my journey investing in me. ????


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