You Need to Know About Baloo's Annual Open Box Event

Did you know that sleep plays a huge role in happiness?

Elizabeth Grojean, the founder of Baloo Living, knows that well and has made it her goal in life to help others have the best sleep of their lives—and in order to make great sleep accessible to even more people, Baloo is having a major sale from July 22 to Aug. 7. If you've been on the hunt for a weighted blanket or soft, linen sheets, now is the time! Interested in learning more about the sale and Baloo? Continue below for our interview with Elizabeth, where she tells all.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself!

Elizabeth Grojean: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. whether it was making flyers for a garage sale or selling lemonade, or second-hand clothes to my younger sisters. I always had an independent streak, but I didn't know how to do it. When I was working at my corporate marketing job in New York, I had a reading with an astrologer who told me that I should work in e-commerce, with products that were oriented for the home, and that my sister and I would be a great fit as business partners. I loved the idea, but still had no idea how to make that happen! Fast forward several years and I had launched Baloo after taking a sabbatical to Bali, and then a year after that, my sister left her corporate job to be our director of operations!

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SH: Tell us about Baloo Living!

EG: This is an incredible company. It stands for respect for the body's natural body and wisdom, the power of giving ourselves some time and space to find our center and hear our own intuition speaking. Plus, sleep is one of the most important things we can do to support overall health, not only physical but also mental and spiritual health. It's an honor to be able to share products with people that help sleep come more easily, and more deeply.


SH: What makes your products so special?

EG: Weighted blankets feel incredible. They offer a special experience of deep relaxation that feels so comforting, that changes happen on a physiological level within the body. Baloo was inspired by the beauty of that process, and for something so personal and intimate, I knew using only the highest quality and cleanest materials would work. That means we use Oeko-Tex certified cotton, lead-free glass microbeads, beautiful packaging free from any plastics, and we operate in a way that puts our communities and environment first.


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SH: Tell us about your best-selling weighted blankets!

EG: Our weighted blankets come in a range of sizes and weights, but our best seller is the 12lb Weighted Throw ($179) which we have in pebble white and silver sage. They're machine washable and dryer safe, and cool and breathable so they can be used in all climates.


SH: Tell us about your work with the Pajama Program!

EG: The Pajama Program is a grassroots organization that helps children have a reassuring bedtime routine, through the gift of a new pair of pajamas and a book to read at bedtime. The founder, Genevieve Piturro, realized that not all children had these simple tools and especially those living in shelters or foster care, and something so simple can help create a grounding and reassuring structure for a child.


SH: Tell us about Baloo's Annual Open Box Event!

EG: This sale happens just once a year—any time we receive a return we never put it back into inventory—we save it for our Open Box Sale and right now we're offering our best-selling weighted blankets and comforters for up to 65% off retail. These items have been inspected and found to be in perfect condition; they're repackaged like new and giftable, and covered by our lifetime quality guarantee. It's an amazing opportunity to get the best deal of the year.


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SH: What are your top three favorite products from Baloo?

EG: The 12lb Weighted Throw ($179), of course, our Linen Sheets ($279-$299) which are so high quality cool and breathable, and our Sleep Stone Mask ($64) which has a hidden pocket over the third eye to hold a crystal!


SH: Are you more of a morning or night person?

EG: I'm definitely a morning person! Since having a baby (I have a 1-year-old) I wake up earlier than ever, sometimes at 5 am just to get some time to myself before the day begins. That means I'm in bed early, like 10 pm.


SH: Do you have any tips for making bedtime more enjoyable?

EG: I think having some pajamas that make you feel really good, and a bed that's set up the way you really like it makes it an intentional space for rest. I also like taking a few minutes to transition before turning off the lights. I get under the sheets and just say a word or two of thanks for the day, and for the chance to go to sleep in a clean, safe bed before turning off the light.


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